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Faculty and Staff FAQs

Research and Administrative Services

Please email if you have questions concerning any of the following processes:


  • Job Opening Requests (job posting)
  • Student and casual hires
  • Research Staff Hires
  • Job Change Requests (including extensions)
  • Job termination submissions
  • Student payment entries (scholarship, GAT)


  • efin interpretation
  • Grant expense compliance checks
  • Funds transfers (journal transfers)
  • Expense reimbursement for non-employees
  • Expense claim support (instruction, trouble shooting)
  • Invoice payment
  • Invoice creation
  • IDB - Internal Department Billing
  • Change Orders for PO's
  • Project Cost Control
  • eProcurement
  • Pcard Purchasing / Reconciliation
  • SCM


  • Project extensions and maintenance
  • Materials, equipment and supplies ordering
  • Project balance information
  • Project Costing


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Science workshop

Technical Facilities and Services



Manager – Technical Support Services

Marc Wrubleski

Location: SA 07
Visit website

Location:  SA 09
Visit website

Location: SA 013
Visit website



Science Stores
Location: SB 050
Visit website

Chemistry Instrumentation Facility
Location: SB 134
Visit website

Chemistry X-ray Facility
Location: SB 328
Staff: Wen Zhou
Visit website

Geoscience Instrumentation Group
Robert Marr (; Kamran Javed (

Greenhouse Group
Dianne White (; Cheyenne Kiani (

Space Technical Specialist
Kevin Friel ( and

Technical Support Services Admin
Cathy Bartsch (

Core Facilities Assistant
Erika Branagh (


View list of Technical Operations Group staff members

Teaching and Learning

The Taylor Institute f Teaching and Learning can provide Learning Technology Coaches support the implementation of learning technology tools as the campus community engages in online, blended and remote teaching.

They are available to support academic staff design and implement their online courses, adapt to new learning technologies and assist with session scheduling and facilitation.

To view the full course calendar at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, please visit:


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Celebrating Excellence

Join us in celebrating this year's champions of science.

Click here to view the Student Awards of Excellence, Faculty Awards of Excellence, Support and Research Staff Awards of Excellence, International Awards of Excellence and the Safety Award of Excellence.

If you have questions, or would like to submit a nomination please email:

Danielle Demiantschuk
Awards Specialist


Events, Communications and Marketing

If you have identified a need and support for marketing, communications, events or student related activities, please complete the following request form to start the process of working together.

Access the form

We know you are making a difference and are proud of your research, teaching and learning practice, and engagement with the community.  We want to hear from you so we can share your achievements across the faculty, university and with our community supporters.

What are you doing that is innovative, curious, collaborative, or creative? Send us a note so that you can connect with the strategic plan in a personal way, and the Faculty can share your accomplishments broadly.

To share your accomplishments, please email us at with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Academic or Administrative Unit (e.g. faculty, department, program, centre)
  • Whether you are staff, faculty, undergrad student, grad student, post doc, research staff, community member or other
  • Description of your accomplishment
  • Attach any photos you might have

We are looking forward to learning about your accomplishments!

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