Frequently Asked Questions


The course outline usually provides information about the course, labs and contact information. If your instructor is using D2L for your course, the outline will usually be available there.

Contact your instructor or the course coordinator as listed in the course outline. The instructor and coordinator usually are the same person, but not always.

For questions about the lab component of a course, contact your teaching assistant, course coordinator, or lab coordinator (if different than the course coordinator).

Information about program structure and courses offered can be found in the academic calendar

For counselling on how to best design your program, contact an academic advisor or program advisor. A list of program advisors can be found here.

You may also speak with the associate head undergraduate if you feel your circumstances are beyond straightforward interpretation of normal program guidelines. Contact our office to make an appointment.

Students with aspirations to enter professional schools should refer to the school specific admission requirements. For medicine with the University of Calgary, please visit

Please visit our "Grade Reappraisals and Appeals" webpage to view the steps and procedures for appeals of academic assessment and graded term work.


Please contact an advisor at the Undergraduate Science Centre for more information.

Your primary source of information is the official academic calendar.

In addition, the Undergraduate Science Centre can provide you with advice about where you stand regarding credits earned and what you still require to graduate; they are an excellent resource.

Student Services

Many students require additional resources to help overcome physical and psychological challenges they face in pursuing coursework and exams. These can range from impairments in hearing or vision, to more subtle difficulties in concentrating during exams or experiencing unmanageable stress. Student accessibility services is your first line of contact when you want to talk with someone about potential difficulties and solutions. Please note that your professors, instructors and academic advisors may talk with you about such issues, but they are not trained to provide professional advice about disabilities, nor are they authorized to provide accommodations to assist with disabilities. For such issues and authorization for accommodations, you must contact student accessibility services.

The Biology Students’ Association (BSA) is an undergraduate forum for students to help other students. They offer presentations, social events, advice on applying to medical/graduate programs, opportunities for becoming involved in student governance, examination packages, field trips, outings, special speakers, etc. 

Student Wellness Services offers counselling and advice for anxiety, depression, decision making, etc.

If you are in a crisis, contact Student Wellness Services at 403-210-9355. If the office is closed, call Campus Security (220-5333) or the Calgary Distress Centre (266-1605).

The wellness guide can be found here.

UCalgary's Student Wellness Services is a confidential, student-friendly source of health information and treatment.

Health and recreation centre provides programs in stress management, physical activity and how to remain in good shape to be a good student.

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