Main Office Support and Resources

University business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. until noon and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

A listing of both university wide and department specific policies and procedures can be found here.

Our main office is located in Science B 605.  Please visit Science B 605 or email to find out information about mailboxes and departmental printers.

Keys are obtained through the main office (SB 605). A refundable deposit of $50 must be provided before keys will be issued. There is a $10 charge for each key that is lost (where applicable there will be a lock charge of $50). Keys must be signed out by holder and returned to the department’s main office. Do not return keys to your supervisor or pass them on to others. The key deposit will be forfeited if all keys are not returned within six months of termination. Once all keys issued have been returned, a deposit refund authorization form will be issued to the individual who originally paid the deposit. The key deposit will be returned by the main University of Calgary Bookstore. Individuals must provide valid picture identification to the Bookstore to obtain a refund. The refund can only be issued to the individual on the key deposit refund receipt. The key deposit will be forfeited if the refund form is not submitted within six months after it has been issued.

New employees will receive their UCID number from their manager/supervisor once the hiring process is completed in PeopleSoft. The employee’s UCID number is required for many onboarding activities. The system takes up to 24 hours to update job records for portal access.

Visit the human resources website for helpful onboarding links and to register for the new staff orientation and other training programs.

Employee ID cards are available at the Unicard office.

Please visit the main office at SB 605 or email concerning all payroll matters for trust employees (AUPE research assistants, postdoctoral fellows, etc.). Please provide a copy of your social insurance number, work/study permit information and TD1 forms. Personal information and address changes can be updated through the UCalgary portal and should be reported to

Employees are responsible for entering their own direct deposit banking information. This is done through

AUPE staff are required to submit semi-monthly timesheets through the self-service menu. To enter your time, navigate to the all about me section of and report time.

Hourly paid employees (positive time) must report their positive time on a daily basis in order to be compensated. The entries must be an accurate reflection of dates and hours worked.

Salaried employees (exception time) entries must be an accurate reflection of approved exceptions to the employee’s regular schedule (e.g. sick, appointments, vacation, etc.).

It is the responsibility of the employee (through discussion with their manager) to know the deadlines by which they are required to enter in their time.

Postdoctoral fellows are not required to submit timesheets.

Email and network requirements are provided through IT. New employees with their UCID number can self-register for a UCIT account at: . For assistance please contact IT at (403) 220-5555 or email

Please inform our main office (SB 605) with your UCalgary email address to be included on our mailman lists.

No personal long distance phone calls or fax messages are permitted. Business long distance phone calls are billed to your supervisor’s research account.

No personal mail (with/without stamp) is accepted by the university postal service. The closest Canada Post offices are located at Paragon Pharmacy in the Stadium Shopping Centre, the Hallmark store in the Brentwood Village Shopping Centre, and the Shoppers Drug Mart at Market Mall.

For information about faxing procedures, please visit the main office at Science B 605 or email

Courier letters are sent through the main office (SB 605). Please deliver your envelope by 1:30 p.m. with the full street address (couriers will not accept postal box numbers) and telephone number of your receiver for any out-of-country shipments. Courier packages are sent through Science Stores (SB 050). You must complete a supply chain management service request form (through the UCalgary portal). A full description of the contents must be given with your request.

For information about room bookings for Chemistry meetings rooms or equipment booking (including projectors), please visit the main office (SB 605) or email

Research and teaching supplies are available from Science Stores (SB 050). All counter sales at Science Stores must be processed through an interdepartmental billing (IDB) payment card. Each card is attached to an accounting number. IDB cards are provided by your manager/supervisor. Based on available stock items, the sale of certain goods may be limited. Stationery, safety and cleaning supplies cannot be purchased on tri-council research accounts.

Purchase requisitions are placed through Science Stores (SB 050). All orders must be complete and approved by your supervisor. Please review the University of Calgary supply chain management policy ( Departments and faculties are required to use the following approved procurement processes in their purchasing activities:

University authorized purchase orders

Purchase orders (PO) are issued by SCM to a supplier for the acquisition of goods and services subject to standard terms and conditions. SCM encourages the use of preferred suppliers to procure goods or services. Department members will receive a copy of the PO and are responsible for following up with suppliers on delayed orders.

Procurement card (PCard)

The university employs a procurement card program to streamline the procurement process for acquiring low risk and low dollar purchases of goods and services. The PCard should also be used for specialized goods from new vendors that are not a preferred supplier. The use of the PCard for these types of purchases eliminates the necessity of generating purchase orders and can reduce the associated administrative costs by as much as 75 per cent. Information on how to obtain a PCard, is available here.

Travel and expense claims are submitted online through the UCalgary portal. Training and job aids are available at

All employees at the University of Calgary have a shared responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. As a part of the university’s occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS), responsibility checklists have been developed. Please review the checklist for your employee group here.

According to new safety regulations, all members of the Department of Chemistry are required to complete “WHMIS 2015”; “Occupational Health and Safety Orientation”; “Hazard Assessment Training”; and “Incident Reporting and Investigation Training”. All courses are available online and can be accessed through the Environment, Health and Safety website. WHMIS certificates from other employers or jurisdictions are not recognized by the University of Calgary.