Chemistry Stores

Chemistry stores
Science B 050
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2N 1N4

Magdi Khalil
Procurement Specialist and Store Lead
(403) 220-5351
SB 050

Nelson Cruz
Stores Administrator
(403) 220-5351
SB 050

All orders placed by department members are entered into the university procurement system through the chemistry stores. Orders are placed using the "request for supplies, equipment or services" form. Forms are available in pads from in person or electronically. The requisition form may be completed by hand or using a word processor; please be neat in order to ensure your order is entered into the university system as accurately as possible. All order forms must be approved by the department ID or project budget owner. Once completed, the forms must be delivered to the chemistry stores.

Please review the University of Calgary supply chain management policy. Departments and faculties are required to use the approved procurement processes in their purchasing activities.

Purchase orders are issued by Supply Chain Management (SCM) to a supplier for the acquisition of goods and services subject to standard terms and conditions. SCM encourages the use of preferred suppliers to procure goods or services. Budget owners will receive a copy of the purchase order and are responsible for following up with suppliers on delayed orders.

The university employs a procurement card program to streamline the procurement process for acquiring low risk and low dollar purchases of goods and services. The PCard should also be used for specialized goods from new vendors that are not a university preferred supplier. The use of the PCard for these types of purchases eliminates the necessity of generating purchase orders and can reduce the associated administrative costs by 75 per cent. Information on how to obtain a PCard can be found here.

All counter sales must be processed through an interdepartmental billing (IDB) payment card. Each card is attached to a University of Calgary project number (i.e. one project, one card). Project holders must request IDB cards through research accounting.

The Department of Chemistry reserves the right to limit sales to any customers. The chemistry stores may provide dry ice and small amounts of goods, chemicals and specialty glassware to outside departments. University and funding agency regulations may restrict the sale of certain stock items to external clients (e.g. gas cylinders, stationery, cleaning and safety supplies).

No cash or manual sales are permitted.

Any concerns or comments must be directed to the Sarah Amery, the manager of administrative services.

Liquid nitrogen is dispensed from the chemistry stores between 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.. Management falls under the responsibility of the Science Workshop.

Distribution services offers off campus shipping through chemistry stores. A supply chain management shipping request form must accompany outgoing shipments. The SCM service request forms are located at A full description of the contents must be given with your request. Print a copy of the completed form for delivery to the chemistry stores along with your shipment.

All incoming shipments to the department are received through the chemistry stores. Once received, shipments are matched to orders and department members are contacted immediately.