Jennifer Love

Department Head; Professor

Department of Chemistry


Stanford University, 2000


Allegheny College, 1994

Contact information


Office : SB605

Research and teaching

Research interests

Jennifer Love's research focuses on understanding the metallic centre to understand a metal’s reactivity and better predict reactions, most recently focussing on developing applications of first-row transition metals for methane upgrading to valorise this underused carbon source. 


Curriculum Vitae

National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology (Robert H. Grubbs, 2000-3); Ph. D., Stanford University (Paul A. Wender, 2000); B. S. (magna cum laude), Allegheny College (1994); Killam Teaching Prize (2009); AstraZeneca Canada Award in Chemistry (2008); Stanford University Centennial Teaching Award (1998); Phi Beta Kappa (1993)

During her time at UBC, Dr. Love led a research group dedicated to organic and organometallic chemistry, and served as Senior Advisor to the Provost, Women Faculty