Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting courses

Descriptions of courses required are available through the University of Calgary calendar. Degree requirements vary by program. Students are encouraged to visit an advisor in the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Science Centre early in their program for advice on course selection.

Students taking a chemistry minor should regularly consult with the undergraduate program director to ensure their studies remain on track. Information about the minor program can be found by clicking here.

Questions regarding chemistry courses can be directed to the Undergraduate Science Centre (USC) at General inquiries should be directed to the Undergraduate Science Centre. Course descriptions are also available through the University of Calgary calendar.

Registering for courses

Access to Student Centre is made through My UCalgary portal. You will require your UCID and password. Should you experience difficulties, please contact IT Services.

Prior to the registration deadline, students can drop a course online from MyUofC and have the course(s) removed from permanent record and will not be required to pay fees for the course(s).

After the registration deadline, the withdrawal recorded on the student's permanent record. No fees be refunded.
Students not eligible to withdraw through the portal using their online Student Centre must withdraw by completing a change of registration form and by obtaining approval from Undergraduate Science Centre. Please note you must also contact your chemistry teaching assistant to withdraw from your lab section. Failure to check-out will result in a $30.00 late check-out fee.

To inquire about taking a course for the third time, please email our undergraduate director. Include your UCID, full name and the reason for your request. In your letter, you should address the reasons behind your lack of success in your prior two attempts and what you would do differently in the future to ensure your success.

The lab safety course is available on Enterprise Learning. It is accessible through the university portal and students can enrol themselves. The course is open to anyone and can be taken at any time of the year, but it must be completed before you attend your labs. To register please click here. For further information on lab safety, please visit the safety section of the website. Contact the chemistry main office should you require assistance.

To register in CHEM 402/502 please visit SA 229 and speak with our undergraduate program coordinator (David Bininda at . No appointment is required. The undergraduate program coordinator will check your prerequisites and issue permission form for your supervisor to sign.

The Department of Chemistry does not normally waive prerequisites. You may contact Dr. Farideh Jalilehvand for the chemistry program or Dr. Simon Trudel for the nanoscience program.


Labs cannot be overloaded once they are full for safety reasons. Waitlists are available for most courses. For courses without a waitlist, please wait until you see an opening in the course.

Please visit our lab exemption page for more information.

If you do not qualify for a lab exemption you will need to repeat the labs. The department is firm on this policy.

Any student who is absent from a test or fails to complete a laboratory assignment or similar work for legitimate reasons must discuss an alternative course of action with the instructor. The regulations covering such circumstances are outlined in the sections titled E.3 Attendance and G.7 Deferral of Term Work in the Academic Regulations section of this Calendar. Notification of such eventualities must be given to the instructor within 48 hours. For more information on university policies, please visit the University of Calgary calendar page.

Laboratory dress regulations are as follows:

Safety glasses must be worn at all times when in the laboratory. Those wearing contact lenses run the risk of more serious injury to their eyes in the event of a foreign body or chemical contaminating the eye. It is strongly recommended that contact lenses should not be worn in the lab (i.e. wear contact lenses at your own risk). If contact lenses must be worn, safety goggles must be worn over them.

Full-length long-sleeved laboratory coats must be worn at all times when in the laboratory.

Your feet and legs should be covered. Pants or skirts that do not completely cover the legs are prohibited in the laboratory. Shoes that do not completely cover the feet are prohibited in the laboratory. This means no shorts, no skirts higher than floor length, no sandals, no open-toe shoes, no canvas slip-on style shoes that leave the top of the foot uncovered, etc.

No hats are allowed.

Long hair should be tied back so that it does not become entangled in an apparatus or hang in flames. Your fingers and arms should be free of rings or bracelets.

Do not wear your laboratory coat in common eating or meeting areas after using it in the laboratory.

For information on breakage and/or late checkout fees, please reference our breakage fee information sheet.

Course equivalencies from other universities

To find out if the chemistry course you took is equivalent to a UCalgary chemistry course, please email Dr. Farideh Jalilehvand, our undergraduate director at Include in your full name, UCID, and full course descriptions. Course outlines/syllabuses are extremely helpful.

You may take CHEM XXX at Athabasca University and still receive credit as long as you complete a letter of permission through your Student Centre prior to taking the course. Contact the Undergraduate Science Centre if your request is urgent. Once you have a final grade for your course, submit your transcript to enrolment services for credit.

  1. UCalgary courses

    • - CHEM 201
    • - CHEM 203
    • - CHEM 311
    • - CHEM 321
    • - CHEM 351
    • - CHEM 353
  2. Athabasca equivalents

    • - CHEM 217
    • - CHEM 218
    • - CHEM 311
    • - CHEM 330
    • - CHEM 350
    • - CHEM 360


Students should discuss the work with the instructor within fifteen days of being notified about the mark or of the item’s return to the class.

If a student isn’t happy with a final grade and wishes to appeal it, the Department of Chemistry would prefer that students speak to their instructors first. If the student is still not satisfied, they must submit a equest for reappraisal by the following dates:

  • Fall term: March 1
  • Winter term: June 30
  • Spring term: August 15
  • Summer term: October 15

The reappraisal of final grade form can be found on the enrolment services website. Please note that a reappraisal of final grade means that your grade can go up, go down or stay the same.

To attain a copy of your final exam, please visit SA 229. Chemistry final exams are kept in the main office for four months after the release of official grades. Students can obtain a copy of their finals at a cost of $3 per exam. Please note that in accordance with the freedom of information and privacy act, students must present their UCID card in order to get a copy of their exam. Please note that copies will not be made for deferred exams.

To get special provisions for an exam, you need to register with the Student Accessibility Services (SAS).  They are located in MSC 452. More info is on their website.


Questions regarding chemistry courses can be directed to the undergraduate program coordinator by email at More general inquiries should be directed to the Undergraduate Science Centre.


Because tuition fees are subject to regular review and adjustment, we recommend that you consult the University of Calgary's tuition and general fees page. You must pay the amount of your tuition and general fees every semester. Questions regarding fees should be directed to enrolment services.

The differential applies to students who are not Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. The Alberta government funds university operations for Canadian students, so international students are charged the differential to make up the government's portion of expenses. A full explanation of the policy can be found in the University of Calgary calendar.

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