Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn about the minimum requirements to apply for admission into the Department of Chemistry by visiting the undergraduate admissions page. The undergraduate admissions page outlines the minimum high school grades for both Canadian and international applicants.

You can apply online by visiting the enrolment services undergraduate admissions page and clicking on the link appropriate to your situation.

Information for international students regarding special requirements can be found on the international applications page. International students can determine their eligibility for their desired program. Students can also apply for residence.

The University of Calgary calendar provides official course descriptions in our department. Not all courses are offered every semester. For a list of current courses, click here.

Descriptions of courses required are available through the University of Calgary calendar. Degree requirements vary by program. Students are encouraged to visit an advisor in the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Science Centre early in their program for advice on course selection.

All students must pay an application fee. The application fee for international students is slightly higher to cover the cost of verifying international credentials. The application fee is non-refundable and is separate from tuition fees. Because this information is subject to change, please consult the calendar for the current fee amounts.

Because tuition fees are subject to regular review and adjustment, we recommend that you consult the tuition and general fees page. You must pay the amount of your tuition plus applicable general fees every semester. Questions regarding fees should be directed to enrolment services.

The differential applies to students who are not Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. The Alberta government funds university operations for Canadian students. International students are charged the differential to make up the government's portion of expenses. A full explanation of the policy can be found in the University of Calgary calendar.

Before you apply, you will need identification and your high school transcripts. Alberta students do not need to supply transcripts; the registrar's office can access them. International students whose transcripts are not in English may be required to supply translated documents. More information can be found on the undergraduate admissions page.

Congratulations! Acceptance to university is a milestone in your life that deserves a celebration. Once you are done celebrating, please read through your admission package carefully. You will need to accept or decline your admission through the university's portal. Detailed instructions will be in your admission package. More information is available through undergraduate admissions. After you complete your acceptance, you should contact the Undergraduate Science Centre for assistance in selecting courses.

You cannot appeal if your application was denied for failing to satisfy a calendar requirement. Under other circumstances, students may appeal their denied application. Please consult the appropriate section of the calendar for more information.

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