Justin MacCallum

Associate Professor; CIHR CRC II in Biomolecular Structure and Design

Department of Chemistry

Associate Head, Graduate Programs

Department of Chemistry

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Office: 403.220.8349

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Office : BI557


  • CHEM 701.61 - Independent Study (Adv Biophysical Techniques)
  • CHEM 701.62 - Independent Study (Comp Data Analysis)
  • NANS 599.1 - Special Problems in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Seminars in Nanoscience)
  • CHEM 689.5 - Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry (Molecular Driving Forces)

Research and teaching

Research interests

My lab studies protein structure and biomolecular recognition using a combination of computational modeling and biophysical experiments. We aim to understand basic driving forces and to use this knowledge for practical applications, including new approaches to structure determination and the design of new biomolecules. Our focus is on the development and application of powerful computational modeling tools, which we validate and improve through complementary experimental studies. Current efforts in the lab focus on two main directions: (1) alternative approaches to structure determination and (2) design of protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions using physical modeling and free energy simulations.