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Research Field Safety – Field Research, Conferences, and Events

Domestic Travel:

  1. Complete the Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) and a Field Activity Communication Plan (FACP) Before leaving for the field 10 business days in advance of your trip. All field activity participants must review and sign the FLHA.
  2. Submit the above documents for initial review to Please insert your home department (i.e. Bioscience) in the subject line of the email.
  3. Feedback and/or a request for further details (as appropriate) may be requested to ensure this documentation is completed and thorough.
  4. Once documentation requirements have been satisfied, the reviewer will respond, forwarding documents to the department head with a recommendation for final approval.
  5. All participants must have a safety briefing at least one day before departure.
  6. An onsite hazard assessment should be done at the start of each day in the field to identify and address any new hazards that may exist. This meeting MUST be recorded and all students/staff must sign/acknowledge participation in the daily onsite briefing.

International Travel:

  1. Register all international travel for university business (including research, fieldwork, conferences, and business trips/meetings) at 3-4 weeks in advance of travel. Registration is mandatory. Travel to high risk regions may require additional approval.
  2. Notify the Department Head and CC Heather Clitheroe, initiating a discussion to assess the risks.
  3. Consult the international travel restrictions info at (
  4. Complete the Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) and submit for review as outlined in the Domestic Travel section (above). 
  5. Once approved, scan the FLHA document and upload to the Travel Registration system (