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Science Student Handbook: Schedule and Registration


Just like you needed Grade 11 Math to take Grade 12 Math, University courses require specific courses to prepare you for them. You can look up any course and all its pre-requisites in the calendar. Just google: ucalgary ____ (four digit course code).


Anti-requisites are courses that share similar content. You can only use one towards your degree. Check before you register in a class that you don't already have its anti-requisite.

Dropping a class

Dropping a course happens before the drop deadline. The course will not appear on your transcript and you will not pay the course tuition. You can find the drop deadline in the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawing from a class

Withdrawing from a course happens any time after the drop deadline (including the next day). The course will appear on your transcript as W and you will not be reimbursed the course tuition. There is no grade associated with the W which can make it a better option than a D or F grade. Not sure whether to withdraw? Speak with a science program advisor.

Time conflicts

If you have any overlap between two courses, you can request a time conflict form. Start by talking to a program advisor in the USC to look for alternate options. Time Conflicts are only approved in very rare cases (last year, no alternate options, need both courses to graduate)

How to ask for a time conflict form: Visit the Undergraduate Science Centre and speak with a science program advisor for help.

Overloading into a course

Being overloaded into a course means being enrolled in a class after it is full. This happens in rare cases. For the most part, overloading a class can affect the fire code of a classroom. Program advisors cannot enroll you in a full course!

Visit your department to discuss course overloads. Who can help with course overloads?

Transfer Credit Assessment/ Evaluation

If you were just admitted to the university then your transfer credit will automatically be evaluated by the admissions team. You can review your credit in the transfer credit report. Learn how to find your transfer credit report.

Have you recently taken a course somewhere else while being a student at UCalgary? You need a Letter of Permission to take courses at another school. Send your transcript to the admissions team to have the credit evaluated once you finish the course.

How to locate my transfer credit report

The Registrar’s team has a guide on their website.