Undergraduate Student Registration Support

For the week of Monday, March 23rd to Friday, March 27th, registration support for Faculty of Science students is available via a virtual front desk and virtual drop-in Program Advising.

NOTE: During this time period staff will focus on virtual student support, this means the science.advising@ucalgary.ca will not be a priority. Do not send registration issues to this email.

If you require registration support we recommend: 

Step #1: Skip the line! Check the online Science Registration Resources first!

The vast majority of registration questions are addressed in one of the following resources. Check them first and you might just skip waiting at all!

Science Student Handbook:
Every registration tip and trick we could think of is in the Handbook.

Course Sequencing Guides:
What courses you should take when for every year of your program, organized by major.

Science D2L Program Portal:
Real-time updates and bonus information!

Registration Refresher presentation – All Science Programs

Registration Refresher presentation – Biological Science Program

Registrar’s Office Registration Resources:


Step #2: Call the Science Virtual Front Desk: 403-220-8600

Students are encouraged to contact the virtual front desk at 403- 220-8600 prior to adding themselves to the virtual drop-in Program Advising line. Many questions, issues, and troubleshooting matters can be resolved using virtual front desk.


Step #3: Join the virtual drop-in Program Advising line

The virtual drop-in Program Advising line will fill up quickly, it is important that students monitor the line regularly as it will adjust and re-open when possible.

Click here for instructions to join the Program Advising drop-in line.