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How may we help you?

Covid-19 safety protocols are in place. Please contact the Department of Geoscience at geoscience@ucalgary.ca for information.

Room bookings are not available at this time. Please contact geoscience@ucalgary.ca with any questions or concerns.

Faculty members who make frequent purchases should apply for a purchasing card (PCard). If you need to purchase something non-technical and your group doesn’t have a PCard, please fill out the e-procurement requisition form and submit it to geoscience@ucalgary.ca where it will be processed through our main office. 

Prior to completing this form:

  • Ensure the requisition form is complete (project/account information, price, quote if applicable, etc.)
  • Obtain approval of the account holder
  • Review the University of Calgary supply chain management policy
  • Ensure you provide the proper accounting information
  1. Fund

    10: Operating

    11: Internally restricted research

    12: Internally restricted non-research

    60: Externally restricted research

  2. Department

    12340: Department of Geoscience

  3. Account

    Refer to the general ledger. Account numbers for purchasing typically begin with 6XXXX.

  4. Internal

    Use to track a specific expense when an internal code has been set up in the budget.

  5. Project

    Can be search by the project owner through efin.

  6. Activity

    Activity codes are added to projects to track subcategories. If no activity code is set up, use 00000.

Important: All drivers must be authorized to drive by Risk Management. See their website for information.

In order to rent a vehicle, you must complete a vehicle rental request form and email it to geoscience@ucalgary.ca

The main office will assist you by:

  • Booking the vehicle
  • Liaising with the rental company
  • Providing a confirmation number

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for vehicle rental requests.

**Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, our preferred vendor, Budget Car and Truck Rentals, has temporarily suspended vehicle deliveries to campus.

Vehicles will have to be picked-up/dropped-off at one of the following Budget locations:

  1. Charlesglen Toyota (7687 110th Avenue NW, Calgary AB T2M 0L5)
  2. North East (3328 26th Street NE, Calgary AB T1Y 4T7)
  3. South East (5210 Macleod Trail South, Calgary AB T2H 0J2)
  4. Calgary Downtown (704 6th Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2P 0T9)

Complete the department truck rental request form and email it to geoscience@ucalgary.ca.

All about the department truck (fleet vehicle 484)

  • 2018 Ford Super Duty F250XL with locking cap and towing package.
  • Off-road 4x4 with rugged all-terrain/all-weather tires; minimum required (level terrain) height clearance of 82 inches.
  • Parked in lot 21 behind the Math Sciences building.
  • Availability is viewable on the department truck calendar (Outlook--> Open Calendar--> From Address Book--> Department Truck--> OK).
  • Department usage (i.e. field schools) has highest priority.
  • Usage charge is a minimum $15 flat fee for 90 minutes or $40/day, plus fuel.
  • The truck can be booked three months in advance for a maximum of one week per month per research group. (If no other group has booked the truck the week before, a group can extend their use to more than a week.)
  • Report all issues to geoscience@ucalgary.ca immediately.

It is the responsibility of the primary driver to:

  • make arrangements with the Department of Geoscience to obtain and return keys;
  • perform pre/post-trip checks of the vehicle and report any issues immediately to geoscience@ucalgary.ca;
  • at the end of your trip, ensure the truck is clean and the gas tank is full.

A fuel card is in the truck for use at the motor pool’s gas pump (lot 53), but your UCID needs to be registered with Lee Ferrari prior to first use.

Failure to abide by the above responsibilities may result in withdrawal of department truck privileges.

To book a coach or school bus, you must complete this form and email it to geoscience@ucalgary.ca.

To book the department's technical equipment, please complete this form and email it to geoscience@ucalgary.ca

Letters and packages are sent through the geoscience main office ES118.

Mail a letter

In order to avoid a delay in shipping:

  • Deliver your envelope to reception by 1:30 p.m. (Or it will be picked up next day.)
  • Include the full street address (couriers will not accept postal box numbers), contact name and telephone number of receiver.
  • Specify service standard (arrive by next day, two business days, no rush, etc.) Depending on receiving country, rush shipping may not be available.

Courier a package

Please supply information below:

    1. Receiver information

      Contact name
      Email address
      Company name
      Telephone number
      Number of packages being shipped
      Approximate weight of each package
      Approximate dimensions of each package
      Value of each package
      Contents of each package
      Insurance (if required)

    2. Accounting info

      PC BU

    3. Service type

      Ground (most packages are shipped ground unless otherwise specified)

    Basic supplies are provided in the supply room for faculty and staff including:

    • Pens and highlighters
    • Paper and post-it notes
    • Classroom teaching supplies (markers, erasers, chalk)

    Stationary is ordered through the main office reception in ES 118. If you need to order safety equipment, please contact geoscience@ucalgary.ca. Stationary, safety and cleaning supplies cannot be purchased on tri-council research accounts.

    Prices listed may be higher than actual cost due to a university discount, please ask reception for more information.

    Requests to advertise events, accomplishment or other news can be made through our email lists (below) or for our department monitors (located on the main and second floor of Earth Sciences) all requests must be appropriate for the intended audience and are subject to approval.

    Mailman email lists:

    (All faculty, staff and graduate students in the Department of Geoscience)

    (All geoscience council members)

    (All faculty members)

    (All geoscience graduate students)

    (All geoscience undergraduate students)

    (All geoscience PostDocs)

    (All geoscience staff)


    Monitor requests:

    Monitors are located on the main and second floor of Earth Sciences lobby. To request a PowerPoint template to be added to a monitor display, please contact the Department of Geoscience at geoscience@ucalgary.ca.