Cathryn Ryan


Department of Geoscience

Associate Dean - Research and Graduate Education

Faculty of Science

Contact information


Office: 403.220.3293


Office : BS540

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Agricultural impacts on groundwater
  • Impacts on groundwater from unconventional gas development and other oil and gas-related activities
  • Measuring and monitoring dissolved gases in groundwater
  • Wastewater impacted water
  • Understanding geyser behaviour

Research interests

Ongoing and recently completed projects related to agricultural impacts on groundwater include two projects funded by the Canadian Water Network (CWN). As part of The Influence of Dynamic Hydrology on Groundwater Source Security CWN project, my research group  focuses on the Abbotsford Aquifer in British Columbia and its vulnerability to various land uses. The Origin, Occurrence and Fate of Nitrate in Sedimentary Bedrock Groundwater in the Maritimes is a recently completed project that investigated nitrate contamination in groundwater in PEI.

Unconventional oil and gas development has experienced rapid growth in recent years, which has not been matched by scientific research on impacts to groundwater. Through various avenues, my research addresses fundamental knowledge gaps regarding stray gas and other impacts from unconventional oil and gas development. See here for a recently published report on Subsurface impacts of hydraulic fracturing: Contamination, seismic sensitivity, and groundwater use and demand management.

Almost all of my students conduct community and field-focused groundwater and surface water research that includes physical, geochemical, isotope, and contaminant hydrology.  The weather isn't always this good(!).


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  • 2011 Community Outreach Award, Faculty of Science, University of Calgary
  • 2008 Award for ‘Inspired Community Service’ from The University of Calgary Faculty Association
  • 2007 City of Calgary Award for Individual Environmental Achievement (Awarded September, 2008).
  • 2002 Nomination for President’s Internationalization Achievement Award, University of Calgary.