Edward Dale Ghent

Professor Emeritus

Department of Geoscience


University of California, Berkeley, 1964


Yale University, 1959

Contact information


Office: 403.220.4540


Office : ES158

Research and teaching

Graduate Theses Supervised and Co-supervised

Annie Greenfield, 2010, in progress, Petrology of ultramafic xenoliths, south-central British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Graham Spray, 2009,  Metamorphism and tectonism in the Soards Creek area, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Eric Parker, 2009,  Stratigraphy, structure, and metamorphism of the Esplanade Range, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Lisa Doyle (McCluskey), 2005, The metamorphism and structure of the Mount Roberts Formation in the Murphy Creek map area, southeastern British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Dave Hozjan, 1999, Blueschist metamorphism within the Bridge River complex, Goldbridge, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Scott Digel, 1993, Phase relations in prehnite-pumpellyite to amphibolite facies mafic volcanic rocks near Flin Flon, Manitoba. Ph.D. thesis.

Kim Green, 1990, Structure, stratigraphy, and alteration of Cretaceous and Tertiary strata in the Gang Ranch area, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis

Len Gal, 1989, Metamorphic and structural geology of the northern Solitude Range, western Rocky Mountains, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

James Sevigny, 1988, Geochemistry and petrology of amphibolites, granites, and metasedimentary rocks, Monashee Mountains, southeastern Canadian Cordillera. Ph.D. thesis.

Scott Digel, 1988, Metamorphic  and structural geology of the mount Cheadle area, northern Monashee Mountains, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Mitch Mihalynuk, 1987, Metamorphic, structural, and stratigraphic evolution in the Telkwa Formation, Zymoetz River area (NTS 103 I/8 and 93 L/5), near Terrace, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Kim Freeman, 1986, Hydrothermal metamorphism of Telkwa Formation volcanics near Terrace, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Jon Dudley, 1983, Zeolitization of the Howson facies, Telkwa Formation, British Columbia. Ph.D. thesis.

Rob Raeside, 1982, Structure, metamorphism, and migmatization of the Scrip Range, Mica Creek, British Columbia. Ph.D. thesis.

Kelly Russell, 1980, The petrogenesis of the Thompson Nickel Belt gneisses, Paint Lake, Manitoba. M.Sc. thesis.

Cliff Knitter, 1979, Metamorphism and structure of the Soards Creek area, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Jack Bradshaw, 1978, Petrology and mineralogy of interlayered eclogite and high-grade blueschist from the Franciscan Formation, California. M.Sc. thesis.

Dave Craw, 1977, Metamorphism, structure, and stratigraphy of the Park Ranges (western Rocky Mountains), British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Doug Cruickshank, 1976, Chloritoid-bearing pelitic rocks of the Horsethief Creek Group, southeastern British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Dave Robbins, 1976, Metamorphism and structure of the Encampment Creek area, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.

Rod Hill, 1975, Structural and petrological studies in the Shuswap metamorphic  complex near Revelstoke, B.C. M.Sc. thesis.

Jon Jones, 1972, A study of some low-grade regional metamorphic rocks from the Omineca crystalline belt, British Columbia. Ph.D. thesis.

Bruce Miller, 1972, A study of authigenic minerals in the Blairmore Group, southern Alberta Foothills. M.Sc. thesis.

Chris DeVries, 1971, Metamorphism and structure of the Esplanade Range, British Columbia, M.Sc. thesis.

Jon Jones, 1969, Low-grade metamorphism of Proterozoic rocks in the Esplanade Range, British Columbia. M.Sc. thesis.


Post-doctoral Fellows

 Doug Tinkham

Jim Crowley

Cambria Denison

Normand Begin

Ray Beiersdorfer

Wayne Powell

Tim Grover

Matt Nyman (co-supervised)

Cliff Stanley

Donna Whitney

Brian Patrick



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  • Ghent, E., Tinkham, D. and Marr, R., 2009. Lawsonite eclogites from the Pinchi Lake area, British Columbia-new P-T estimates and interpretation. Lithos, 109, 248-253.
  • Ghent, Edward D., Edwards, Benjamin R., Russell, J.K., and Mortensen, James, 2008, Granulite facies xenoliths from Prindle volcano, Alaska: Implications for the northern Cordilleran crustal lithosphere: Lithos, 115, 344-358.
  • Ghent, Edward, and Villeneuve, Michael,2006, 40Ar/39Ar dates on hornblende, muscovite, and biotite from the Mica Creek area, British Columbia: regional metamorphic and tectonic implications: Canadian Jpurnal of Earth Sciences, 43, 83-100.
  • Tinkham, D. K. and E. D. Ghent (2005). XRMapAnal: A program for analysis of quantitative X-ray maps. American Mineralogist, 90: 737-744.
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