Edwin Cey

Associate Professor

Department of Geoscience

PhD - Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of Waterloo, 2008

MSc - Earth Sciences

University of Waterloo, 1997

BE - Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering

University of Saskatchewan, 1993

Contact information


Office: 403.220.8393


Classroom : ES220


  • GLGY 401 - Physical Hydrogeology
  • GLGY 510A.12 - Senior Thesis (Ind Study In Hydrogeology)
  • GLGY 601 - Advanced Physical Hydrogeology
  • GLGY 510B.12 - Senior Thesis (Ind Study In Hydrogeology)
  • GLGY 611 - Groundwater Resource Management

Research and teaching

Research interests

My research seeks to improve our understanding of the hydrologic processes controlling water and contaminant movement in the shallow subsurface, using a combination of field, laboratory, and numerical techniques.  Students are focusing on areas such as preferential flow, frozen soils, microbial transport, and groundwater-surface water interactions.

Groundwater Recharge and Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction
I have long been interested in groundwater-surface water interaction and, in particular, groundwater recharge processes. Much of my research involves these near surface hydrologic processes and relevant issues associated with them.

Preferential Flow and Transport
We study the preferential movement of water, contaminants and heat along macropores, typically in in partially saturated or frozen soils.  Experiments (field and numerical) are designed to better understand the mechanisms of both flow and transport, often in relation to contaminant migration for source water protection or remediation purposes.

Fate and Transport of Microbes in the Subsurface
Field studies of colloid transport (using fluorescent microspheres and bacteria) through the vadose zone and subsequent impacts to shallow groundwater. This includes studies of microsphere transport in agricultural fields near Walkerton, Ontario and assessment of bacterial loading to shallow aquifers from agricultural or septic system sources.