Kristopher Innanen


Department of Geoscience

PhD - Geophysics

University of British Columbia, 2003

MSc - Physics

York Univeristy, 1998

BSc - Earth Science/Physics

York University, 1996

Contact information


Office: 403.210.6837

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Office : ES218


  • GOPH 355 - Exploration Geophysics
  • GOPH 551 - Seismic Theory and Methods
  • GOPH 699.51 - Selected Topics in Geophysics (Adv Seismic Theory & Methods)

Research and teaching

Research interests

I am a geophysicist with interest in the physics of wave propagation, signal processing, and direct inversion of geophysical data.  This research is primarily applied (or at least designed for application) in seismic exploration and reservoir monitoring, but it can also be used in, for instance, imaging and inversion of radar data.

Inverse scattering is the main framework that I use to create methods for modeling, processing, and inverting seismic data.  At the more theoretical end of this kind of research I am considering basic, fundamental mathematical and physical issues in developing non-linear inverse scattering methods for waves that attenuate significantly in the subsurface.  At the more applied end I am interested in using perturbation methods of this kind to pose time-lapse problems, and to analyse dispersive reflection coefficients in order to characterize fluid-bearing subsurface structures.  The latter might be hydrocarbon reservoirs, or CO2 storage sites.  


  • J. E. Lira, K. A. Innanen, A. B. Weglein and A. C. Ramirez, Correction of primary amplitudes for plane-wave transmission loss through an acoustic or absorptive overburden with the inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuation algorithm: an initial study and 1D numerical examples, 2010: J. Seis. Expl., accepted for publication. 
  • K. A. Innanen and J. E. Lira, Direct non-linear Q compensation of primaries reflecting from a stratified, 2 parameter absorptive medium, 2009: Geophysics, accepted for publication. 
  • K. A. Innanen, Born series forward modeling of seismic primary and multiple reflections: an inverse scattering shortcut, 2009: Geophys. J. Int. 177, 3, 1197-1204.  
  • K. A. Innanen, A direct non-linear inversion of primary wave data reflecting from extended, heterogeneous media, 2008: Inverse Problems 24, 035021.
  • S.T. Kaplan and K. A. Innanen, Adaptive separation of free surface multiples through independent component analysis, 2008: Geophysics 73, 3, V29-V36. 
  • K. A. Innanen and A. B. Weglein, On the construction of an absorptive-dispersive medium model via direct linear inversion of reflected seismic primaries, 2007: Inverse Problems 23, 2289-2310.