Sytle Antao

Associate Professor

Department of Geoscience


Stony Brook University, USA

Contact information


Office : ES532


  • GLGY 313 - Mineralogy
  • GLGY 615 - Advanced Laboratory Methods in Geoscience
  • GLGY 623 - Modern Diffraction and Scattering Techniques
  • GLGY 703 - Readings in Geology
  • GLGY 523 - Advanced Mineralogy

Research and teaching

Research interests

Structural arrangement of atoms in materials and the processes that govern their stability under ambient and extreme pressure (P) and temperature (T) conditions are important in crystal chemistry.  Structural changes under varied conditions create different responses to physical, mechanical, thermodynamic, elastic, and chemical properties.  My research is based on structural characterization of materials under different PT conditions using state-of-the-art experimental probes and applying the results to Mineral Physics and to environmental problems such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).


  • Zaman, M., Schubert, M., and Antao, S.M. (2012):  Elevated radionuclide concentrations in heavy mineral-rich beach sands in the Cox’s Bazar region, Bangladesh, and related possible radiological effects.  Isotopes in Environmental & Health Studies, 48, 512-525.
  • Antao, S.M. (2012):  Structural trends for celestite (SrSO4), anglesite (PbSO4), and barite (BaSO4): confirmation of expected variations within the SO4 groups.  American Mineralogist, 97, 661-665. 
  • Antao, S.M. (2012):  The crystal structure of a biogenic aragonite from the nacre of an ammonite shell.  Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Advances, 2, 526-530. 
  • Skinner, L.B., Benmore, C.J., Antao, al. (2012):  Structural changes in vitreous GeSe4 under pressure.  Journal of Physical Chemistry, C 116, 2212-2217. 
  • Antao, S.M. (2011):  Crystal-structure analysis of four mineral samples of anhydrite, CaSO4, using synchrotron high-resolution powder X-ray diffraction data.  Powder Diffraction26, 326-330. 
  • Antao, S.M. et al. (2010):  Temperature dependence of the structural parameters in the transformation of aragonite to calcite, as determined from in situ synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction data.  Canadian Mineralogist48, 1225-1236. 
  • Ehm, L., Michel, F.M., Antao, S.M., et al. (2009):  Structural changes in nanocrystalline mackinawite (FeS) at high pressure.  Journal of Applied Crystallography42, 15-21.  
  • Antao, S.M. et al. (2009):  In situ study of the R-3c→R-3m orientational disorder in calcite, CaCO3.  Physics and Chemistry of Minerals36, 159-169.
  • Antao, S.M. et al. (2008):  State-of-the-art high-resolution powder X-ray diffraction (HRPXRD) illustrated with Rietveld structure refinement of quartz, sodalite, tremolite, and meionite.  Canadian Mineralogist46, 1501-1509.
  • Antao, S.M. et al. (2008):  The R-3c→R-3m transition in nitratine, NaNO3, and implications for calcite, CaCO3.  Physics and Chemistry of minerals35, 545-557.
  • Wang, J., Toby, B.H., Lee, P.L., Ribaud, L., Antao, S.M. et al. (2008):  A dedicated powder diffraction beamline at the advanced photon source:  commissioning and early operational results.  Review of Scientific Instruments79, 085105.
  • Lee, P.L., Shu, D., Ramanathan, M., Preissner, C., Wang, J., Beno, M.A., Von Dreele, R.B., Ribaud, L., Kurtz, C., Antao, S.M. et al. (2008):  A twelve-analyzer detector system for high-resolution powder diffraction.  Journal of Synchrotron Radiation15, 427-432.
  • Moyer, Jr. R. O., Antao, S.M. et al.  (2008):  Neutron Powder Diffraction and Solid State Deuterium NMR Studies of Ca2RuD6 and the stability of transition metal hexahydride salts.  Journal of Alloys and Compounds460, 138-141.
  • Antao, S.M. et al. (2008):  Network rigidity in GeSe2 glass at high pressure.  Physical Review Letters100, 115501.


  • 2012 - Young Scientist Award - Mineralogical Association of Canada
  • 2010 - Department of Geoscience Research Excellence Award, University of Calgary
  • 2009 - Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty Award