Undergraduate Procedures, Policies and Forms

Driving authorization

You must be an authorized driver to drive a university vehicle. Electronic authorization is required.

Please visit the Risk Management site for a detailed list on who can drive, requirements, forms and more.

Use maillet@ucalgary.ca as the authorizing e-mail for application approval. All students are required to arrange for a drivers abstract to be sent to Risk Management before they will be permitted to drive.

Prerequisite waivers

Our department's policy is to enforce prerequisites. A grade of C- or higher is required in each prerequisite. A prerequisite waiver may be granted only the students have completed a course that is equivalent to the prerequisite or can prove that they have knowledge equivalent to that imparted by the prerequisite.

To apply for a prerequisite waiver, send an email to geoscience@ucalgary.ca or to Rudi Meyer at rmeyer@ucalgary.ca. Please include your name, ID number, email address, phone number and evidence of equivalent course completion or equivalent knowledge acquired.