Graduate Certificate in Data Privacy

Expand your career with a 4-course certifcate in data privacy

The Graduate Certificate in Data Privacy (CDP) is a 12-unit (4 half-course equivalent (HCE)), graduate-level program. This certificate will provide professional development and training to computer science and IT professionals who desire additional skills and knowledge in data privacy to either advance in their current career, or to shift their career focus. The CDP will equip graduates to solve realistic problems related to data privacy, to address privacy issues and assess threats to data privacy, and to develop policies, standards and procedures. Students will take courses from the University of Calgary’s leading researchers and professors in cybersecurity, and will benefit from guest lectures from academic staff in the Faculties of Science, Environmental Design, and Law. The CDP has a relevant and timely curriculum that will be updated at least annually to ensure students are equipped with the most recent knowledge, and have the skills to work with the latest technology.

Why get a certificate in data privacy?

Data privacy is an increasingly important topic for the general public, and information security professionals must ensure proper management and protection of data privacy and conformance to legal requirements. This issue is regularly highlighted by mainstream media outlets with the reporting of high profile data breaches. Recent, high-profile data privacy breaches including those that occurred at Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, along with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, have brought public attention to the ongoing competing interests of personal privacy, data protection, and business practices. Companies and organizations world-wide must ensure the security and privacy of the data they collect, and there is a growing need for highly-trained professionals to work in this area.

By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Identify legal and regulatory requirements and develop policies, standards, and procedures in privacy and security.
  • Describe and address privacy issues and evaluate privacy claims.
  • Describe and assess privacy threats and possible mitigations.
  • Communicate privacy-relevant organizational issues to both specialists and non-specialists.
  • Integrate and apply knowledge and skills to solve realistic problems related to data privacy.

The Data Privacy Certificate is a unique graduate-level programs. The curriculum for these programs was developed by a dedicated team of leading professors and knowledge creators in information security and privacy. As a student, you take full advantage of the expertise from researchers and instructors on the cutting edge of security and privacy solutions.

Additional unique features of these programs are the integration of experiential learning, information security management, and technical skills.

In addition to Faculty of Graduate Studies admission requirements, the following are required for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Data Privacy:

A) Undergraduate preparation for either:

  • A four-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science from a recognized institution; or
  • A four-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution. In addition, candidates must have successfully completed an undergraduate course (or provide evidence of equivalent knowledge) in each of the following areas:\
    • Computer programming with understanding of execution environments (e.g., CPSC 233 or equivalent)
    • Algorithms and data structures (e.g., CPSC 331 or equivalent)
    • Either:
      • Operating systems (e.g., CPSC 457 or equivalent); or
      • Computer networks (e.g., CPSC 441 or equivalent)

B) Two letters of recommendation

English Language Proficiency?
The Information Security program will follow the same guidelines as set out by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. See the current Graduate Calendar under Admission > A.1 Qualifications > 2. for full details.

See the Graduate Calendar for details.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant
The Canada-Alberta Job grant is a training opportunity that can result in an employer receiving funding to assist with training an individual employee.  For more information about how you can take advantage of this opportunity, visit the Canada-Alberta Job Grant website.

Students must successfully complete the following 12 units (4 HCE) of course work with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher:

All of:

  • Information Security and Privacy 611: Private Data Management
  • Information Security and Privacy 631: Privacy by Design Laboratory
  • Information Security and Privacy 643: Policies, Standards and Programs

One of:

  • Information Security and Privacy 601: Applied Cryptography; or
  • Information Security and Privacy 613: Topics in Privacy

The Data Privacy Certificate will give you foundational knowledge in data privacy that will allow you to address privacy issues, evaluate privacy claims, and assess privacy threats and possible mitigations. You will also be able to communicate privacy-relevant organizational issues to both specialists and non-specialists. With this certificate you will be equipped to oversee the management aspects of security solutions, like policies and programs, and be able to clearly communicate problems and how to tackle them. Your skills will be transferable to almost any sector!