Kristine Bauer

Associate Professor; PIMS Calgary Site Director

Department of Mathematics and Statistics


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001


Vassar College, 1995

Contact information


Office: 403.220.7675


Lab : MS578


  • MATH 275 - Calculus for Engineers and Scientists
  • MATH 205 - Mathematical Explorations


Journal article

  • Bauer, Kristine, Basterra, Maria, Beaudry, Agnes, Eldred, Rosona, Johnson, Brenda, Merling, Mona and Yeakel, Sarah. "Unbased calculus for functors to chain complexes". Contemp. Math. 641. (2015): 29 - 48. Print.
  • Bauer, Kristine, Sen, Debasis and Zvengrowski, Peter. "A generalized Goursat lemma". Tatra Mountains mathematical publications 64.1 (2015): 1-19. Print.
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  • Bauer, Kristine, DeLoup, Florian and Zvengrowski, Peter. "Base points in homotopy theory and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra". Morphismos 13.1 (2009): 1-15. Print.


  • Bauer, Kristine, Eldred, Rosona, Johnson, Brenda and McCarthy, Randy. "Functor calculus for under categories and the de Rham complex". ArXiV, (2016): 29 pages. Print.
  • Bauer, Kristine, Johnson, Brenda, Osborne, Christina, Riehl, Emily and Tebbe, Amelia. "Directional derivatives and higher order chain rules for abelian functor calculus". ArXiV, (2016): 47 pages. Print.
  • Bauer, Kristine and Scull, Laura. "Spectral sequences of operas algebras". arXiv, (2011). Print.
  • Bauer, Kristine. "Higher Order Hochschild Homology and Its Decompositions". Yellow Series, (2008). Print.
  • Bauer, Kristine and McCarthy, Randy. "Rational methods for recognizing generalized homogeneous functors". preprint, (2004). Print.


  • 2017 - Discovery Grant - NSERC
  • 2016 - Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award (Established Career) - University of Calgary Faculty of Science
  • 2014 - GREAT Supervisor Award - Faculty of Graduate Studies