Yuriy Zinchenko

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

PhD - Mathematical programming

Cornell University, 2005

Contact information


Office : MS524


  • MATH 325 - Introduction to Optimization
  • MATH 661.01 - Convex Optimization

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Operations research
  • Scientific parallel computing and high-performance linear algebra
  • Operations research, optimization algorithms and software
  • Applications to medicine and healthcare, optimal radiation therapy design

Research interests

My research pursues three intertwined directions: real-world applications, theory, and numerical algorithms.

Optimization is ubiquitous to science and engineering. There is a clear demand on optimization both in terms of theoretical advancements as well as greater availability of graduates trained in (or at least, exposed to) the discipline. Even despite the recent tremendous advancements of our computational capacities and information technologies, there are many challenging applications that still require more advanced optimization tools and methods. The demand is even more evident in such a resource- and energy-rich province as Alberta, where there is an urgent need to dramatically improve –optimize– the efficiency of the natural-resource-exploratory industries.

Research Supervision 

  • Currently accepting graduate students for Ph.D. and Masters program.
  • Currently accepting undergraduate students for research projects. 
  • Currently seeking to hire postdoctoral fellows.

Please contact me by email for more information.


Journal article

  • Girard, Mark W., Zinchenko, Yuriy, Friedland, Shmuel and Gour, Gilad. "Erratum: Numerical estimation of the relative entropy of entanglement". Physical Review A 91.2 (to appear): 029901(E). Print.
  • Shirvani Ghomi, Pooyan, Zinchenko, Yuriy, M. Zarepisheh, M. Shakourifar and et, al. "A moment-based approach for DVH-guided radiotherapy treatment plan optimization". Physics in Medicine and Biology 58.6 (2013). Print.
  • Deza, Antoine, Terlaky, Tamas and Zinchenko, Yuriy. "A continuous d-step conjecture for polytopes". Discrete and Computational Geometry, (2008). Print.
  • Zinchenko, Yuriy. "Controlling the dose distribution with gEUD-type constraints within the convex radiotherapy optimization framework". Physics in Medicine and Biology, (2008). Print.

Journal articles - peer reviewed

  • Asimit, Alexandru, Badescu, Alexandru, Siu, Tak Kuen and Zinchenko, Yuriy. "Capital Requirements and Optimal Investment with Solvency Probability Constraints". IMA Journal of Management Mathematics 26.(4) (2015): 345-375. Print.