Jeff Grab is exploring reaching behaviour and long-train ICMS motor maps in mice.

International Exchanges

The Rebecca Hotchkiss International Scholar Exchanges provides our undergraduates with unique opportunities to enhance their neuroscience training in world-class institutions. Students in their third year are eligible to apply to one or both exchange programs for the following year.

HBI-Karolinska Academic Research Exchange

The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden is one of the world's leading medical universities. Its neuroscience research groups bring together faculty across disciplines to study the development and function of the nervous system in health and disease.

Students are invited to apply to this unique full-year exchange during which students will have the opportunity to take specialized courses and conduct research. Students are awarded a $6,000 stipend. The program is supported by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Karolinska Institutet and University of Calgary International. Application deadlines are in the fall semester for the following academic year.

Please visit the Hotchkiss Brain Institute's website for application forms and terms of reference.

For more information or deadline extensions, please contact HBI education coordinator .

Karolinska Institutet

Oxford Univeristy

HBI-Oxford Summer Research Exchange

The HBI-Oxford Summer Research Exchange supports full-time lab research at the University of Oxford of up to four months in duration. Oxford's history in the study of neurosciences reaches back to the 17th century, and is particularly strong in imaging and basic neuroscience, linking the function of genes and cells to systems and behaviour.

Exchange participation is competitive and by mutual consent of student and supervisor. In addition to covering travel and accommodation costs, the award provides a stipend of $1,500/month through generous funding by RHISE, Oxford Neuroscience, our program and external sources.

Availability of the exchange programs and funding is subject to change