July 16, 2018

Recipients announced for 2018-19 University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants

Proposed projects on the cutting edge of teaching and learning research

A total of $522,999.32 will be allocated to this year’s Teaching and Learning Grants recipients. Founded in 2014 through the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning in 2014, the Teaching and Learning Grants support the implementation, critical examination and dissemination of evidence-based approaches to student learning. This year’s 23 recipients showcase an array of innovative research integration.

Houston Peschl, an instructor in the Haskayne School of Business, is putting his grant toward a project called Development of Entrepreneurial Thinking in Undergraduate Students (above). Working alongside research assistants Connie Deng and Nicole Larson, he will use the project to explore the effectiveness of the flipped classroom approach in tandem with experiential learning activities and an Open Educational Resource (OER).

Learning entrepreneurial thinking

Specifically, Peschl is interested in the ways these tools can help enrich business students’ entrepreneurial thinking skills. Entering a constantly shifting economic landscape, undergraduate students are facing an increasing demand for outside-the-box mindsets. The University of Calgary has addressed this need through recent integration of the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking, but Peschl is specifically interested in the possibility of fostering entrepreneurial thinking in classroom environments with students who are not motivated to start their own company.

“Entrepreneurial thinking means being creative in finding innovative solutions to problems in our society,” he explains. “It involves taking initiative, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, being resourceful, and learning from experience in an uncertain environment. Therefore, the entrepreneurial competencies were identified in our project as: problem solving, comfort with uncertainty, failing forward, empathy, creativity, responding to feedback, and approach to teamwork.”

These competencies highlight the project’s goals. Peschl aims to apply teaching practice and evidence to assess the crucial role of entrepreneurial thinking in postsecondary learning.

“We will be using a well-developed survey for our students during the first class, and then again after the course is complete,” Peschl says. “This data will then be reviewed, and curriculum modifications will take place each semester for the next two years. These improvements will then be used in our OER with our goal being to have our exercises and course content open to all students and instructors globally for free.”

2018-19 Teaching and Learning Grants recipients

Peschl’s project is one among nearly two dozen that exemplify new and exciting visions for the possibilities of learning at the University of Calgary. The grants’ three streams — practice, lesson study and scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) — support the development, implementation and sharing of those visions.

Practice Grants 
Investigator: Dr. Angela George, PhD
Project title: Increasing Interpersonal Skills and Oral Proficiency in the Second Language Classroom

Investigators: Dr. Martin Wagner, PhD; Dr. Ben Whaley, PhD
Project title: Team Teaching in the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures: Preparing a Model Course in the Environmental Humanities

Investigators: Dr. Joshua Madsen, PhD; Brooke Russell; Chantelle Magel; Tamara Williamson; Jessy Cooke
Project titleRoutine Outcome for Monitoring and Client Feedback to Enhance Student Learning in Clinical Psychology

Investigators: Dr. Simon Spanswick, PhD; Dr. Mike Antle, PhD
Project title: Behavioural Neuroscience: An Open Access Approach to Education

Lesson Study Grants

Investigators: Dr. Joanna Rankin, PhD; Dr. Rachel Grimminck, MD; Irina Charania; Meagan Bristowe
Project title: Interdisciplinary Simulations: Using Standardized Patients to Practice De-escalation Techniques

Investigators: DrLucia Vojtassak, PhD; Peter Tracey; Wojciech Fulmyk
Project title: From Simple Ideas to Surprising Conclusions: Experiential Learning in Principles of Microeconomics Class

Investigators: Dr. T. Lee-Ann Hawkins, MD; Dr. Meghan Vlasschaert, MD; Dr. Irene Ma, MD; Dr. Kelle Hurd, MD; Dr. Jolene Haws, MD
Project title: Optimizing High-Fidelity Simulation for Teaching Obstetric Internal Medicine Concepts: A Lesson Development Plan and Evaluation of the Impact of Stress and Cognitive Load in Simulation on Learning Outcomes

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants – individual

Investigators:  Houston Peschl; Connie Deng; Nicole Larson
Project title:  Development of Entrepreneurial Thinking in Undergraduate Students


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants – collaborative

Investigators: Dr. Beth Archer-Kuhn, PhD; Dr. Stacey MacKinnon, PhD
Project title: Developing Trust in Students, Professors, and the Process within Short-term Higher Education Inquiry-based Learning Environments

Investigators: Tia Halliday; Leeanne Morrow
Project title: Wearable Design for Mental Health: What Does Highly Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning Look Like?

Investigators: DrKyla Flanagan, PhD; Dr. Mindi Summers, PhD
Project title: Engaging Students in Authentic Research in Biological Sciences Through the Use of Collaborative Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

Investigators: Dr. Shibao Guo, PhD; Dr. Yan Guo, PhD
Project title: Learning for Global Mindedness: An Inquiry into Pedagogical Practices

Investigators: Dr. Angelique Jenney, PhD; Dr. Christine Walsh, PhD; Dr. Jessica Shaw, PhD; Dr. Yeonjung Lee, PhD; Dr. Jessica Ayala, PhD; Carrie Blaug; Dr. Chloe Westelmajer, PhD
Project title: Bridging the University/Community Divide: Exploring Ways to Implement Practice-Based Research in Social Work Education

Investigators: Dr. Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot, PhD; Dr. Kiara Mikita, PhD; Dr. AnneMarie Dorland, PhD
Project title: SoTL and Sexual Assault: Sundering Silos

Investigators: Dr. Laleh Behjat, PhD; Dr. Beaumie Kim, PhD; Dr. Marjan Eggermont, PhD; Emily Marasco; Wilian Gatti Junior
Project title: Reframing Technical Courses in STEM as Disciplines of Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

Investigators: Dr. Barbara Brown, PhD; Dr. Mairi McDermott, PhD; Dr. Marlon Simmons, PhD; Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD; Dr. Michele Jacobsen, PhD
Project title: Improving Student Research Activities in Online Course-Based Master's Programs in Education

Investigators: Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD; Dr. Robin Yates, PhD; Dr. Milana Trifkovic, PhD; Dr. Elise Fear, PhD; Dr. Laleh Behjat, PhD
Project title: Using Plagiarism Detection Software to Enhance Teaching and Learning among Engineering Graduate Students

InvestigatorsDrJames Colin Field, PhD; Galicia Blackman
Project titleThe Pedagogy of the Supervisor-Student Relationship in Graduate School

InvestigatorsFanny Macé; Dr. Mozhdeh Shahbazi, PhD; Eliana El Khoury
Project titleImpact of Explicit Instruction of Metacognitive Strategies (EIMS) on Student Understanding, Achievement, and Satisfaction

InvestigatorsDr. Carolyn Emery, PhD; Dr. Lorelli Nowell, PhD; Dr. Carol Berenson, PhD
Project titleExploring the Connections between Postdoctoral Scholars Teaching Development and Student Learning

InvestigatorsDr. Man-Wai Chu, PhD,; Dr. Jennifer Lock, PhD; Dr. Miwa Takeuchi, PhD; Christopher Ostrowski
Project titlePreservice Teachers’ Conceptualizations of Disability and Inclusion

InvestigatorsDr. Elena Rangelova, PhD;Dr. Ivan Detchev, PhD; Dr. Kyle O’Keefe, PhD; Dr. Quazi Hassan, PhD
Project titleMapping Student Learning in Geomatics Engineering: Causalities, Constraints, Structures, and Transformations

InvestigatorsDr. Soroush Sabbaghan, PhD; Sherry Weaver
Project titleCore Competencies Framework of First Year BComm Courses for Pathways to Business Stream