Christoph Simon

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Message from Christoph Simon

The Department of Physics and Astronomy - PHAS - is one of the oldest departments at the University of Calgary. It has excelled in both research and teaching since its establishment.

PHAS offers undergraduate programs in both physics and astrophysics, and graduate programs leading to master's (thesis and course-based) and doctoral degrees in a number of specializations. Our department even has the distinction of graduating the first master's student in the history of the University of Calgary.

Our teams are involved in a number of research areas that are supported by many provincial and national grants and fellowships, and our per capita funding level is the highest within the Faculty of Science. This allows our research groups to have access to state-of-the-art data sets, and world-class experimental and computational facilities both here and at collaborating institutions.

PHAS is also involved in a number of community outreach programs and activities geared towards raising scientific awareness and encouraging kids to pursue a career in science.



Dr. Christoph Simon, PhD
Professor and Department Head
Department of Physics and Astronomy