David Knudsen

Professor; Department Head

Department of Physics and Astronomy

PhD - Space Plasma Physics

Cornell University, 1990

BSc - Electrical Engineering

Iowa State University, 1985

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Office: 403.220.8651

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Location : SB605C

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Physics of the Aurora
  • Space Plasma Instrumentation
  • Space Plasma Physics

Project-Related Responsibilities

  • Lead scientist: ESA Swarm Canadian Electric Field Instruments (2013 launch)
  • PI: Canadian ePOP Suprathermal Electron Imager (2013 launch)
  • Mission Scientist: GEODESIC sounding rocket mission (Feb 2000 launch)
  • Co-I: Canadian OEDIPUS-C (1995), NASA Cusp (Dec 2002), NASA JOULE (Mar 2003), NASA JOULE II (2007), and JAXA S-520-23 (2007) sounding rockets


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