Course Overload Request Form

Use the following form to request an overload for a course offered by the Faculty of Science in the current term.  Submitting a request does not guarantee an overload. Course capacity is limited and even in cases of strong need not all overload requests can be accommodated. We recommend you continue to watch for openings in the course while we review your request.  

The USC will accept Fall 2021 overload requests beginning August 30th.

Requests are reviewed and processed beginning September 7th.

The last day to submit an overload request for Fall 2021 is noon on September 15th. Requests received after this date will be declined.

We are not accepting overload requests for the Winter 2022 term at this time. 

If this course will be your third attempt, do not fill out this form before speaking with a program advisor. 

If you are a student from a program outside the Faculty of Science, please ensure you have a note on file from your home faculty confirming this course is required prior to submitting the form. We deny overload requests submitted without home faculty confirmation.

Current Faculty
Enter “N/A” if a LEC does not apply to your chosen course
Enter “N/A” if a LAB does not apply to your chosen course
Enter “N/A” if a TUT does not apply to your chosen course



Open Studies students are ineligible for course overloads.  Overloads are only permitted for students in degree programs that require courses for progression. For help with course selection and planning please speak with an Exploratory Advisor in the Student Success Centre.





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