Course Overload Request Form

Submitting a request does not guarantee an overload. Continue to watch for openings in the course as it is your most reliable way to obtain a seat.   

Winter 2023 requests are accepted until January 4, 2023.  Requests received after this date will be declined.


  • If this will be your third attempt in the course, you must first speak with a program advisor in your home faculty.
  • Students from outside the Faculty of Science must have a note on file from their home faculty to confirm the course is required this semester for progression in their current program.
  • We deny overload requests submitted without third attempt approval or home faculty confirmation.

As a general reminder, course capacity is limited and even in cases of strong need not all overload requests can be accommodated. We ask that you continue to check for course availability while waiting to submit a future overload request as enrollment changes occur quite frequently during this time.

PLEASE NOTE: Overload requests are only reviewed for the current/relevant semester (which currently is "Winter 2023").  Winter 2023 requests are accepted November 15, 2022 to January 4, 2023.
Current Faculty

Please ensure that you have an advising comment from your home faculty on file to support this request. Your home faculty must verify that the requested course is required in this semester for degree progression. If no comment is on file during the overload review, your request will be automatically denied. This step must be completed prior to the overload submission deadline.”


Please list the course title, number, and lecture/lab/tutorial sections (as needed) in the following way: CHEM 201, L01, B01, T01
Enter “N/A” if a LEC does not apply to your chosen course
Enter “N/A” if a LAB does not apply to your chosen course
Enter “N/A” if a TUT does not apply to your chosen course
If another lecture/lab/tut section is available and fits your schedule, are you okay with being enrolled in that instead?



Open Studies students are ineligible for course overloads.  Overloads are only permitted for students in degree programs that require courses for progression. For help with course selection and planning please speak with an Exploratory Advisor in the Student Success Centre.

Only courses offered by the Faculty of Science will be considered for overload requests. For example, PHIL 279 is offered by the Faculty of Arts. Please contact the relevant faculty for whether overload requests are available.”

Why do you require an overload into this course for this particular term?



Unfortunately, as there is limited to no overload capacity, approved requests are only for those who would experience severe delays in their current degree program.

When are you graduating?
Is this course a field option?
Are there other field options available that you can take instead?

You are not eligible for an overload request because you have indicated there are other field course options available.  Please enroll in another available field option instead.




Note: you will be unable to submit this form unless you check all the checkboxes below.


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