Protection from threats in our digital lives

Here are a few projects spearheaded by University of Calgary ISPIA experts:

  • ISPIA has been a leader in addressing malicious code, ransomware, spyware, and monitoring systems since its establishment. This work is ongoing with many novel contributions to both research and education, including hosting block chain workshops for industry, workshops for law enforcement, and championing new University of Calgary post-graduate certificate programs in network and software security.
  • ISPIA researchers are investigating how children’s apps are being used to illegally monitor and track their behaviours on the devices they use.
  • Encryption is a key defence mechanism to provide cybersecurity and privacy. ISPIA’s researchers have expertise in the mathematical foundations of these techniques, and explore how current methods can be attacked with the goal of identifying new solutions for stronger encryption. With new technologies in quantum encryption rapidly developing and threatening our current encryption techniques, our experts are exploring how to use quantum technologies to maintain a secure and private digital future
  • Biometrics will provide a much more secure future where identity can be confirmed without paper documentation. Safety will be significantly enhanced by real-time identification of people using sensor technologies that can monitor activities in various venues such as airports or international borders. ISPIA researchers are building these systems while considering the potential risks to personal privacy. Delivering these systems with this awareness will be critical to their ultimate adoption.
  • Regulatory environments are rapidly changing worldwide. With the advent of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and nascent successors, the need to develop systems capable of conforming to these regulatory and standards is essential for businesses and vendors to operate. ISPIA’s law and business experts work to ensure legal conformance with a strong understanding of the workplace needs.
  • ISPIA partners with the university’s Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies to frame cybersecurity through a military lens. Protection of core military assets from cyberattack is a critical requirement for the modern military. Policy decisions, such as the appropriate use of cyberattack as a weapon of war, are being considered by researchers and military experts to ensure the appropriate use of such technologies.
  • Healthcare systems have long been challenged to safely protect, and appropriately use, patient data. ISPIA researchers are working to understand key issues, such as informed consent, with respect to patient data and collecting patient data with emerging healthcare technologies such as body monitoring systems. ISPIA experts are helping to develop sensor systems that are as secure and private as possible.

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