Graduate Diploma in Quantum Computing

The Graduate Diploma in Quantum Computing is a 24-unit (eight 3-unit courses) program designed to provide you with training on quantum hardware and practical quantum computing. Along with being introduced to the essentials of quantum computing hardware and software, applications and use cases, you will also develop your understanding of how quantum computing is used in industry.

As quantum computing technology moves from a theoretical state to one available for commercial use, the diploma program will provide you with critical expertise in the application and integration of quantum technologies with existing IT infrastructure.

How to earn your diploma

Flowchart depicting required courses in quantum certificate

Followed by...

Flowchart depicting required courses in quantum diploma

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum program requirements are as follows:

  • A minimum admission grade point average of 3.00 on a four-point scale or equivalent, calculated on the last 60 units (20 half-course equivalents) completed in your 4-year Bachelor’s degree 

    • Please note that the GPA from graduate degrees is not included. 
  • Successful completion of the following courses at a post-secondary level, with at least a “B” grade or equivalent in each of the following computer science areas: 

    • 3 unit undergraduate course in linear algebra (MATH 211 or equivalent)

    •  3 unit undergraduate course in computer programming (CPSC 231 or CPSC 217 or equivalent)* or demonstrated equivalent professional experience in computer programming.

  • Demonstration of English Language Proficiency (ELP)  

    • Please note: If your degree is from an institution that instructed in English, the ELP requirement is waived.  
    • See the current Graduate Calendar under Admission > A.1 Qualifications > 2. for full details on ELP 

Documents required for assessment:

  • All unofficial transcripts and degrees for all post-secondary education to assess prerequisites and a student's GPA 
  • Proof of Prerequisite Completion
  • CV/resume

Please note: if these documents have not been uploaded, your application will still be considered, but it may potentially impact your admissibility. 

Applications for Fall 2023 for the Diploma and Certificate Quantum Computing Programs are now open!