Quantum Computing: FAQs

Review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Quantum Computing program.


The current admission cycle is for Fall 2024, with the following dates:

  • November 1, 2023:  Application start
  • March 26, 2024:  Deadline for International applicants
  • July 12, 2024:  Deadline for Canadian/Permanent Residents

Please note that we do not presently offer admission for the Spring or Summer semesters.

If we are currently accepting applications, please follow the below steps:

See the rest of our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

The application's "To Do" list is automatically populated within the application portal, which can lead to concern over "To Do" lists items being outstanding, but that the program itself does not require.

The following items may populate but are not required by applicants until they have been offered admission:

  • Official Transcripts (see our section on transcripts below for more information)
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • Proof of Permanent Residency
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency
  • References (if you choose not to submit them)

If we require additional material from you regarding your admissibility, you will be contacted at the email address supplied in your application.

While we appreciate the continued interest we receive from those not actively enrolled in our program, we are not able to accommodate requests to register in, audit, or otherwise attend our courses. The Quantum Computing program's QUAC 600-level courses are available exclusively to students who are actively enrolled in the Quantum Computing graduate program.

This restriction includes, but is not limited to: undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Calgary or any outside institution, Open Studies students, Visiting Students, alumni or staff. 



    • All unofficial transcripts and degrees for all post-secondary education to assess prerequisites and a student's GPA. Please include Grade Scale from each institution as well.
    • Proof of Prerequisite Completion
    • CV/resume

    Please note: We are reviewing applications as they are submitted. If these documents have not been uploaded or uploaded incorrectly, your application will still be considered, but it may potentially impact your admissibility. 


    Please do not send or try to upload the following documents:

    • GRE or GMAT scores
    • Study Proposals
    • Writing Samples
    • Proof of English Language Proficiency*

    *The only time we ask that proof of English Language Proficiency be provided is if a student does not hold a degree from an institution that instructs in English. All students who have completed a degree from an English speaking institution are exempt from the requirement to provide this proof.

The program has designed an Assessment Tool to provide prospective students with a personalized assessment of how their own profile fits within the program's requirements. 

Please click here to complete your personalized assessment.

Admissions requirement are:

Four-years bachelor’s degree in science or engineering or equivalent from a recognized institution.

  • A minimum admission grade point average of 3.00 on a four-point scale or equivalent, calculated on the last 60 units (20 half-course equivalents) completed in your 4-year Bachelor’s degree (please note that the GPA from Graduate degrees is not included).
  • Having at least ‘B’ grade in each of the pre-requisite courses in each of the following areas:
    • Linear Algebra
    • Computer Programming
  • Demonstration of English Language Proficiency (ELP)  
  • Outside North America: find the grade equivalency and minimum GPA requirement for your country here.
  • North American institutions: we are generally seeking a "B" average for a letter score, or 72% as a percentage. 

Please note:

  • Do not attempt to convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale.
  • If you possess any graduate-level degrees, e.g. Master/PhD etc. these are not included as part of your GPA calculation.
    • If they meet the requirements listed, courses from additional degrees may be used towards our prerequisite requirements (more information below).
  • Transcripts frequently include an institution's grading scale, that is the one that the University of Calgary will use. If your institution's grading scale is not included on your transcripts, it is helpful to include the Grading Scale as part of the document you upload.

If you hold a Bachelor, Master, or PhD degree from an institution that instructs in English, the proof of English Language Proficiency required is waived, and we ask that no test results be provided.

If your previous post-secondary education was taught in a different language, proof of English Language Proficiency is required. 

View English Language Proficiency requirements here in the University of Calgary calendar: G.A.1 Graduate Qualifications.  Also, for information on how to submit your scores please view information on "Submitting Official Proof of English Language Proficiency & other Test Scores" (found on the Graduate Science Centre website).


Our program’s current tuition costs are listed here, on the Program Specific Fees page, under Faculty of Science. Students are also assessed General Fees. All costs are listed in CAD $.

Each academic year, graduate student fees could be subject to change per the Faculty of Graduate Studies guidelines and regulations. Please note that these totals are estimates and if there are discrepancies between the FAQ page and the University Calendar, please use the University Calendar for reference

  1. Tuition for Canadian/Permanent Residents

    • Tuition per 3-unit course - $3,386.55 
    • Tuition per 3-unit internship course - $1,639.28 

    Therefore, the tuition totals per program are:

    • Graduate Certificate (12 units) - $13,546.20 
    • Graduate Diploma (24 units) - $27,092.40 
    • Master (30 units + 6 internship units) - $37,144.06 
  2. Tuition for international students

    • Tuition per 3-unit course - $4,577.76 
    • Tuition per 3-unit internship course - $2,288.88

    Therefore, the tuition totals per program are:

    • Graduate Certificate (12 units) - $18,311.04 
    • Graduate Diploma (24 units) - $36,622.08 
    • Master (30 units + 6 internship units) - $50,355.36 
  1. Full-Time Students

    • 4 months for the Graduate Certificate. 
    • 8 months for the Graduate Diploma.
    • 12 months for the Master Degree.


    • As our Master program has been designed to be completed in 12 months, including internship, we are unable to offer a longer Master program if a student is seeking full-time studies (e.g. 16 months or 2 years).
    • If you are exclusively interested in a program that is longer than 12 months for full-time students you will need to explore options beyond our program.
  2. Part-Time Students

    • At least 8 months for the Graduate Certificate. 
    • At least 12 months for the Graduate Diploma.
    • At least 16 months for the Master Degree.
  3. Maximum Completion Time

    • 3 years for the Graduate Certificate. 
    • 3 years for the Graduate Diploma.
    • 6 years for the Master Degree. 

Federal legislation stipulates that only certified consultants may offer advice about immigration issues. Students who have been accepted to the University of Calgary will have access to International Student Services (ISS) at the University of Calgary, who are certified in this area. See the following websites for more details:

Below are some of the funding options that you may be eligible for, please note some items listed are limited to Canadian/Permanent Residents, or have other eligibility requirements.

  • Graduate Students’ Association Bursaries: Our students will be eligible for bursaries through the Graduate Students’ Association.
  • Canada-Alberta Job Grant: A Certificate, Diploma or Master in Quantum Computing can work within the Canada-Alberta Job Grant model if the employer and employee meet the criteria as set out in the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Applicant Guide.
  • Lifelong Learning Plan: Our Diploma and Master credentials are eligible for the Government of Canada’s Lifelong Learning Plan.
  • Student Loans: Details on student loans are available here.
  • University of Calgary scholarships: The Faculty of Graduate Studies maintains a scholarship database; eligibility is determined by the applicant. Please note that deadlines for Graduate Award Competition (GAC) scholarship applications vary by program. This is an external deadline (not one set by the program) and therefore no exceptions can be made to this deadline.
    • You can search for scholarships for “Quantum Computing” and include your citizenship, and registration status, a list will populate.
    • Please note that most scholarships listed here are exclusively available to Master students (not our Graduate Certificate or Diploma).
    • The Graduate Awards office advises that students in course-based programs such as ours are unlikely to receive funding through the these awards are primarily given to students in thesis-based programs -- only exceptional applicants should commit to the lengthy process of submitting a GAC application.
  • Other scholarships: While the program itself does not offer scholarships/funding, you may find options not associated with our program (e.g. Alberta Student Aid offers some scholarships which apply to our program) but we do not have further details on such offerings.
  • Payment Plan: Students are able to utilize the University’s Payment Plan option to pay their fees on a monthly basis as opposed to once per term (e.g. spreading the Fall term fees which are usually all due at the end of September to be monthly payments over the Fall term). You can find out more on the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ Payment Plan website, and the Registrar Office’s.


Unofficial transcripts, the term for those transcripts uploaded through their Student Centre, by the student, will be used to evaluate an application for admission.

Until an offer of admission is provided, only unofficial transcripts (NOT official) are required for an application to be considered complete and ready for assessment.

  • Please do not request to have your official transcripts sent until you are requested to do so as part of an unofficial offer of admission provided to you via email by the program.
  • After you’ve submitted an application you can upload your unofficial transcripts, proof of prerequisite completion, and your CV/resume through your Student Centre. 

Transcripts frequently include an institution's grading scale, that is the one that the University of Calgary will use. If your institution's grading scale is not included on your transcripts, it is helpful to include the Grading Scale as part of the document you upload.

Please note: for any official transcripts where a degree was awarded, to be considered "complete" the transcripts need to state that the degree was awarded, or the degree itself also needs to be provided.

  1. My original transcripts aren't in English, what should I do?

    If your original documents are not in English, we require both the original documents or certified true copies of each of your official transcripts and degree certificates in the original language sent directly from the issuing University, and an English translation from the issuing University or a notarized word-for-word English translation of a duplicate copy of that origin.

  2. I'm a UofC graduate, do I need to provide transcripts from the UofC?

    No, we are able to retrieve internal transcripts, and do not require them to be sent to the program.

    Please note that if you have any additional post-secondary education after your degree at the University of Calgary, this will not be on file and therefore need to be submitted.

  1. Unofficial Transcripts

    Unofficial transcripts are those uploaded by the student.

  2. Official Transcripts

    Official transcripts are those sent directly from the issuing institution or another approved method listed in our Transcripts FAQ.


Until an offer of admission is provided, only unofficial transcripts (NOT official) are required for an application to be considered complete and ready for assessment. 

"Official transcripts" are those received by the University of Calgary directly from the issuing institution. Please utilize the option of submitting your transcripts electronically if possible. Instructions for delivery methods are below.


  • Transcripts must come directly from the issuing institution’s appropriate transcript distribution email address (e.g. Registrar Office, Transcript Office).
  • Indian transcripts and degrees may be requested via The National Academy Depository (NAD).
  • All emails must be sent to gradtranscripts@ucalgary.ca.
  • Please be aware that documents sent by students or faculty members cannot be accepted as “official”.
  • If possible, please request to have your files sent electronically rather than through the post.


  • Important: This option is recommended only if one of the organizations listed is already in possession of your transcripts; we do not require an assessment.
  • In light of the difficulties international students may encounter obtaining official transcripts, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will accept transcripts as official if they are sent directly from one of the following professional organizations*:
    • Alberta Education
    • Medical Council of Canada Archive
    • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • Emails must be sent to gradtranscripts@ucalgary.ca.


  • While the electronic method should always be utilized if possible, we understand that some institutions may not be able to offer this service.
  • Official transcripts are to be sent in a sealed envelope directly to the program by the issuing institution.
  • Mailing Address:

Faculty of Graduate Studies, ES 1010
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

Please note: we do not accept transcripts through WES, or any other method/organization besides those listed above. 

  1. Sending Official Transcripts

    Official transcripts are only required after an offer of admission has been provided. 

  2. No Official Transcripts Required

    • Pre-application
    • After an application has been submitted
    • After the application deadline

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