Alberta’s nanotechnology strategy aims to foster a strong nanotechnology sector in our province. This emerging sector involves the use of nanomaterials and related-technology for applications in energy, health and communications.

Owing to the emergent nature of nanosciences and nanotechnology, the best baccalaureate training includes a bachelor's degree, particularly in the wet-lab areas (including biology, chemistry, physics and geoscience). We will deliver a bachelor's minor program in nanoscience, whereby the students will graduate with a strong background in the theory of nanoscience and nanotechnology and will have significant practical experience with instrumentation and fabrication technology applied to nanoscience.

The graduates will take this unique skill set and their well developed training in critical thinking into the emerging nanotechnology sector. Nanotechnology will develop both from the bottom up and from the top down. The bottom up approach entails developing nanomaterials using molecules and atoms and an understanding of nanomaterials therefore requires studies in molecular science. This is the approach of the Faculty of Science.

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