Data Science Hub

About Data Science Hub

Data Science Hub is a web-based computational environment that brings the power of Jupyter notebooks as well as RStudio to users. It is deployed as an installation of JupyterHub that is configured to provide access to either JupyterLab (that supports Julia, Python and R) or RStudio Desktop. Both environments come pre-installed with data science libraries and packages that students need for their coursework. This saves students the hassle of installing and maintaining libraries on their own machines and provides a consistent environment that can be conveniently accessed from any web browser.

Courses using Data Science Hub in Fall 2020

Access to Data Science Hub is limited to students enrolled in these courses.

  • DATA 601 L01
  • DATA 601 L02
  • DATA 602 L01
  • DATA 602 L02
  • DATA 603 L01
  • DATA 603 L02
  • DATA 604 L01
  • DATA 604 L02

Available Resources and Responsible Usage

  • When you log in and launch a session, a server is started that has access to 1 GB or RAM and 10 GB of persistent storage.
  • Files stored within Data Science Hub are only accessible from within the hub environment. You can upload files to and download files from the hub. If you need access to files outside the hub environment, consider using Git. This will also let you share files with others when working collaboratively.
  • Data Science Hub is managed by University of Calgary IT and uses a reliable server infrastructure to provide compute and storage resources to students. Failures can happen; it is a good idea to maintain backups (via Git or otherwise) of your work and/or data outside the hub environment.
  • When you log out of your session, your server will continue to run in the background until it times out (currently 1 hour). During this period, you may reconnect to your session from any location. If you no longer need access to your session, please explicitly shutdown your server before logging out. This will free up resources for other users.