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Undergraduate Minor in Data Science

Why join the data science minor degree program

The University of Calgary’s Minor in Data Science is designed to provide students with the opportunity to build the skills necessary to analyze, design, code, solve problems, and think critically with data. 

This experiential learning model will provide knowledge and understanding of the nature of real-world analysis practices. Students will learn the team-based analysis and collaboration practices and build experience with real data analysis tools while working with subject matter experts across disciplines.

The minor culminates in a unique, 500-level, 3-unit, capstone course that will incorporate an experiential learning project with real-world data.

Throughout the minor, students will learn how to:

Manage Data collection

Employ methods to collect, store, and retrieve data in various formats.

Gain insights

Explore data with visualization and analysis tools to build understanding and gain insights.

Formulate research

Formulate new research questions and identify appropriate analysis techniques when confronted with new data or challenges.

Address data-driven inquiries

Apply appropriate computational, mathematical, or statistical techniques and models to address data-driven inquiries.

Enhance data analytics

Write efficient and well-documented code to further enhance the data analytics process.

Communicate concepts

Clearly communicate concepts, analytic findings, and results in both written and oral form to a diverse audience.

Work Collaboratively

Effectively and respectfully function within a collaborative working environment.

Examine data ethics

Consider ethics and privacy issues related to data collection, use, and presentation.

Admission requirements

In order to qualify for the Minor in Data Science, students must successfully complete a minimum of 12 units with a minimum GPA of 3.00 over the preceding up to 30 units.

Admission to the Minor in Data Science will be competitive, and meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Initially, the Minor program will be limited to 100 spaces per year.

For more information, please contact the Undergraduate Science Centre (USC)

More information is available in the university calendar