Master of Information Security and Privacy

Master of Information Security and Privacy

Application Fall 2024 Portal Information

  • November 1, 2023:  Application start
  • March 26, 2024:  Deadline for International applicants
  • May 1, 2024:  Deadline for Canadian/Permanent Residents

Lunch and Learn

Join our Lunch and Learn to hear more about our professional programs in the rapidly evolving fields of Quantum Computing, Data Science and Analytics and Information Security. 

Our one hour session will cover all three of our professional programs and a complimentary lunch will be provided. Faculty members will also be on hand to meet prospective students and answer questions.

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Step up to the challenge

​​​​​​More than 210,000 cybersecurity jobs will need to be filled in Canada within the next three to five years, as every organization from start-ups to governments seeks to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Cybersecurity specialists are in high demand across every industry to help identify and mitigate threats to organizations, and employers will be looking for professionals with practical experience in the field. This program integrates real-world scenarios and tools with an internship to ensure you graduate with the skills you need to move forward in a career in information security.

Upgrade your career

Earn a relevant graduate-level credential to advance your career.

Shift your skillset

Transition your career from other areas of computer science to information security.

Get a head start

Recent grad? Stand out with a masters degree in a high-demand field.

Design your experience

The Master of Information Security and Privacy (MISP) is a professional graduate degree and internship program designed for IT professionals who are looking to the future of work in our province, our country, and the world.  Learn skills in the technology sector, business start-ups, computer science research, government, information technology.

Our curriculum is designed around a high-quality student experience; it will integrate the most recent research and best practices in information security and privacy, while being flexible in its approach to ensure that your learning can quickly adapt to rapid technological advancements. You will be able to apply the theories you learn to practice, and solve problems and challenges faced by industry and society as technology continues to advance.

Program benefits also include:

  • Stackable certificate pathway allows you to tailor your degree to match your career interests and goals (Laddering pathway).
  • Boost your career with a choice of internship or capstone research project.
  • Learn practical skills and focus on experiential learning through lab courses.

A complete listing of our ISEC courses is available here.

Choose your path

MISP entry

Masters Courses

The Master of Information Security and Privacy includes the 24 units (eight 3-unit courses) from 2 Graduate Certificates. All Masters students will then have a choice between pursuing a Professional Internship through ISEC 691 or a Capstone Project through ISEC 681.

Integration of knowledge and skills by identifying and/or formulating and information security and privacy problem, and devising a solution informed by the latest research in computer science and information security and privacy. The final product of the capstone project will include a substantive, well-researched and professional document, and a presentation of findings.

Information security and privacy internship at a business or organization.

Students are able to apply directly to the Master of Information Security & Privacy (MISP) and complete the required credits as part of the program.

Professional Internship

Internship is a self-driven 6-credit course requirement for students in the Master of Information Security and Privacy program. Students gain 6 – 16 weeks of paid industry work experience allowing them to integrate work experience into their degree, establish a professional network, and explore possible career paths and options. 

Internships provide students the opportunity to maximize their student experience by offering paid, hands-on experience in an industry as part of their study program. As an intern, you have the opportunity to explore a career path, discover personal strengths and interests, all while building a valuable network of professional contacts and securing strong references.

Students enrolled in the Master of Information Security and Privacy program are eligible upon the successful completion of 24 units of coursework. For international students, a co-op work permit is required. At the start of the program, the Graduate Internship Coordinator provides a letter of support to include in their application for a co-op work permit. The processing time can be lengthy. To avoid delays, students should apply immediately after receiving their letter of support.  

There is a tuition fee associated with the Internship course.  

My internship allowed me to gain valuable work experience by working on real-life projects and problems, and I was able to recognize my weakness and what made me passionate.

Angelica Meza, 2022 graduate- Master of Information Security and Privacy

Angelica Meza

2022 graduate- Master of Information Security and Privacy