About our Department

The Earth is our home. And our home is in trouble.

We are facing challenges—grand challenges—that cut across academic silos. Challenges that have grown too big and too complex for one person or discipline to tackle alone. 

The Department of Earth, Energy, and Environment is ready to drive change. We know there are creative solutions to our planet’s problems, but solving them will require new collaborations and diversity of thought. We are responding by building a community of change-makers: a group of people who will leverage existing expertise and approach problems from every angle. A team of great thinkers and doers assembled from diverse fields, disciplines, and backgrounds.

Solutions will require balance. We know we need to meet our current resource demands and save for our future. We know we need to think BIG about keeping our footprint small. And we know we need to advance science to reverse our environmental impact. 

As we work on the problems of today, we must also prepare the next generation to tackle the problems of tomorrow. Some problems will be anticipated, others unexpected. To prepare students for this monumental task, we are retooling our curricula to equip graduates with portable skills, mental agility, and big-picture thinking. Our graduates will be bold problem-solvers; they will be the next generation of change-makers.
Together, our community will tackle Earth’s problems.

Together, we will find solutions.  

We are Earth@UCalgary.