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The University of Calgary has always had a strong sense of community — within the department, within the university and out into the wider community of Calgary. As we take the next step in the evolution of our work, we are intentionally reframing that sense of community to align with a focus on the complex issues of our time.

The Department of Earth, Energy, and Environment recognizes that humanity is facing some very big challenges, ones that cannot be addressed within academic silos. No one discipline, faculty or department can possibly address the breadth of the troubles we are experiencing across the complex set of systems that is our Earth. We know there are creative solutions to our planet’s problems and solving them will require new collaborations and diversity of thought. That means redefining what our “community” is and what it needs to be. We are asking “who do we need to engage or collaborate with?” and, “what are the areas of knowledge that need to come together to drive change?”

As we do our part to help meet society’s current resource demands we need to strengthen our existing relationships but also seek out new, even unexpected or unconventional ones so that we may deliver on our promise to prepare the next generation of change-makers.

One department in one university simply won’t solve the problems we are facing. But one department, intentionally seeking out, inviting, challenging, and forging new relationships to widen our community can influence the future. Together, a more vibrant, expanded community of thought leaders and change makers will tackle Earth’s problems. Together, we will find solutions.

So consider this a pretty wide open invitation. Afterall, we admit to not knowing exactly just who we need to bring into this very large conversation. We are putting out a call for those intrigued, curious and interested in knowing more – and participating more – to contact us.

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One of the best ways to engage with the Department of Earth, Energy, and Environment is to join us for EARTHx, which is a series of talks by best-in-class speakers making a difference in their fields.