Earth Stories Archive

Fourth year student Haidar Putra

Haidar seeks balance in sustainable extraction

Student Haidar Putra understands the role mining has played in providing so much of what we rely on and use today but he believes geology can play a critical role in finding a balance around sustainable extraction.

Associate professor Sara Hastings-Simon

Sara is passionate about energy systems

Associate professor Sara Hastings-Simon's passion is rooted in creating a better understanding of how energy transition happens at the intersection of business, science, and technology.

Earth Sciences Technician Wing Chan

Wing is fascinated by the story of Earth

For earth sciences technician Wing Chan a walk in the mountains is a nice hike but also an opportunity to get one’s nose to the ground and learn about Earth’s history and the role we play in writing its future.

Dr. Rajeev Nair

Rajeev Nair is passionate about earth science

Teaching professor Rajeev Nair believes starting an undergraduate degree in Earth Science at University of Calgary is the ultimate combination of curiosity, creativity and complexity.

Geotechnical engineer, Susanne Ouellet

Susanne Ouellet is sensing the big picture

Susanne collaborates with industry partners from a diverse background and range of expertise that spans tailings engineering, seismology and fiber optic sensing.  Solving some of our most challenging problems requires bringing together multiple perspectives from both academia and the business world.

Dr. Ben Tutolo

Ben Tutolo is thinking about climate change

You may find associate professor Ben Tutolo, at certain times of the year, quietly fly-casting for trout somewhere Southwest of Calgary. But don’t let his zen-like appearance fool you, he’s probably thinking about climate change.