Four female student with virtual reality glasses looking at land model in a lab

Current Students: Earth Science

View the degree requirements of your BSc Geology or BSc Geophysics program.

The BSc Geology program has two streams: Hydrogeology/Environmental and Solid Earth Geoscience.  A stream is a suggested set of courses, and does not appear on your transcript. The first two years of both degree programs are the same.  Please note that following a stream is not required, and students are encouraged to gain a broad background in geoscience throughout their degree.

Awards and Scholarships

Awards can reduce the cost of your education, lightening the financial burden of student loans and tuition.  Generous financial support comes from a wide range of donors, enabling the university to recognize outstanding students and the contributions they make to academic life on campus.  View below a list of awards available to students of Earth, Energy, and Environment.

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