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Office Location
Science B 149
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
Phone: 403-220-8600

Science student advising service hours

January 10 - 21:
Monday to Friday 10am – 12pm and 1-4 pm

Regular Winter Hours (starting Jan. 24):
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am – 12pm and 1-4 pm.  Closed Wednesdays

All advising will take place virtually.

Join the virtual line (QLESS) or email inquires to:

Virtual front desk

Call us at 403-220-8600

Hours of operation:

January 10 – 21:
Monday to Friday 1-4 pm

Regular Winter Hours (starting Jan. 24):
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 1-4 pm.  Closed Wednesdays

Engagement and Internship

Science Internship Program:

Science Engagement Programs:

Winter 2022

Welcome to the Winter 2022 session...find out about our advisor availability and how to connect with us.

Advising services

Learn more about the advising services we support.

Please Note

Can’t see the advising line in the Qless app? This means we have manually closed the line because we are at capacity. Refresh the app or check the Qless website for the next spot in line.  If the Qless app or website says the advising line is “closed” this also means the line is at capacity.

If the line is full, consider signing up for one of our registration webinars.

If you are looking to request a general degree audit, graduation letter, after degree assessment, or Geoscience field school registration request, please submit the relevant online form. If you have already submitted a form request please do not send follow-up emails—sorting duplicates slows down our response time!

How to join the virtual advising line:

If the QLess app says that the advising line is “closed”, it means the line is at capacity, please check back at a later time. The best time to join the queue is at 9:45 am or 12:45 pm.


Download the QLess app at or bookmark the Qless website 

QLess Website

Click on

Click on Faculty of Science (ensure your location services are on)

Add yourself

Add yourself to the drop-in advising line.


Keep your phone close so you don’t miss the call. (ensure your preferred phone number on file is up to date)

Preferred phone number info

QLess Check In FAQs

QLess is a system students use to get in line to speak to a USC program advisor by phone or using Zoom.

Join the queue for drop-in remote advising using the QLess app or the QLess website.

You will get regular notifications about your wait time. You can move freely around your home while you wait. You will get a message on your phone when your appointment is 10 minutes away and another when the advisor is ready to speak with you. 

No, you can check in on a computer using the QLess website.

You will receive a notification by text when you are 10 minutes from the front of the line, and another notification at the time of your appointment. You can also text “S” to check your status in line.

No, your phone number will only be used to send you check in notifications.

No, students do not have to be current students or have a UCID to join the virtual queue. If you do not have a UCID number, you will enter 0 as your UCID and enter your phone number in the “Comments” box.

If you are checked in for a drop-in appointment, simply text “L” to leave the drop-in queue.