Request for Faculty of Science Conference or Event Sponsorship

This form is to request Science support for significant events and/or conferences. Applications will be reviewed once per semester.  Successful applications will have good evidence that EDI is meaningfully incorporated into the conference, and Science funds are 'matching' to other funds. 

Funds will be distributed three times per year (once per term).

Deadline to apply for funding:

  • Fall Term:  October 31st
  • Winter Term:  January 15th
  • Spring/Summer Term:  May 15th

Please direct any questions to

For example: Canadian Number Theory Association.  If available, please enter past conference/meeting links, etc. to provide background/history
Indicate University of Calgary, within Calgary or where outside of Calgary…e.g. Canmore
Please provide details such as hotel, conference centre, venue providers, etc. 


For example:  Computer Science Outreach Committee.  Please list committee members

Funding Request

Please enter in $ CAD.  Example entry: $1,200

Please upload email documentation showing this direct funding is confirmed from your Department.

Direct funding requested from Science
Please include agency details, website (if available) and funding amount for all agencies providing sponsorship.

Conference/Meeting Details

For example:  What are the incentives and/or benefits to trainees
Do you anticipate that you will require marketing or communications support from the Faculty of Science?
If the event has been successful and support was provided, will you provide an event summary report after the event?

Note: you will be unable to submit this form unless you check all three checkboxes below.

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