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Graduate Students: Welcome to the Faculty of Science

Important Information for Graduate Students in Academic Programs

Winter Orientation 2024
(Academic and Professional Programs)

Getting Set Up for the Academic Programs

Note: This section is only applicable to those in a thesis-based program

As you get settled in, talk to your advisor or supervisor about: 

  • Your responsibilities in lab, group meetings, courses you are expected to take, etc.
  • Laboratory Safety Training - Requires prerequisite of WHMIS 2015 completion at start of term
  • Complete the Intellectual Property Checklist -- By Sept 30 (or your 2nd week on campus)
  • Complete the Student-Supervisor Checklist - By Sept 30 (or your 2nd week on campus)
  • Most of these courses are self-enrolled, and it is up to you to make sure you have enrolled and completed them on time. ​

Getting Set up on Campus and in Town

See the New Student Guide and Welcome Centre for important information before, during, and after your arrival on campus. For international students, the International Student Services office provides support and advising for international students, including an orientation session

Once you’re on campus, also:

Professional Programs