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Graduate Assistantships

As part of your offer of admission, you may be awarded a graduate assistantship in teaching (GAT). A full graduate assistantship requires an average of 12 hours of teaching duties per week. Assistantships are viewed as financial support for all of your full time activities as a graduate student including research, teaching and courses. The funding offer will not exceed two years for an thesis-based master's program and four years for a doctorate program. Only full-time students are eligible for this funding.

Funding consists of 50 per cent research pay and 204 teaching hours per term. This includes preparation, student contact, marking and exam supervision.

Thesis-based master's students are generally offered a total of 2.5 assistantships per year; one in the fall, another in the winter and half an assistantship during the spring/summer terms for the first two years of their program.

Doctoral students are generally offered 2.5 assistantships per year for the first four years of their program.

Students are expected to maintain a high level of academic performance (minimum GPA of 3.00) as well as display satisfactory performance in their duties as a graduate assistant teacher in order to remain eligible for this funding.