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Enroll in our professional programs to step into a career, or expand your skillset, in one of our country's fastest-growing job areas. We offer course based Master's degrees, graduate-level certificate and diploma programs, corporate training opportunities, and one-week intensive courses to help you optimize your career.

The Government of Canada's Information and Communications Technology Council estimates that 305,000 jobs for digitally-skilled professionals will be needed by 2023. Take your career to the next level with our professional graduate programs, and join forces with over two million Canadians helping evolve our tech economy.

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Faculty of Science Next Step Award

The next step in your professional career

Introducing the Faculty of Science Next Step Award—the next step in your professional career. Advance your professional career in the rapidly evolving fields of Data Science and Analytics, Information Security, or Quantum Computing. This award is designed to support you in developing the expertise and skills necessary to thrive in these high-demand industries and contribute to the ongoing digital revolution. Seize this opportunity to be a part of an elite network of professionals who are pushing boundaries and transforming the digital landscape.

The Next Step Award provides a substantial sum of $4,800 towards your first-semester tuition in our professional programs, allowing you to obtain a certificate in Data Science and Analytics, Information Security, or Quantum Computing within one semester. This certificate can be combined with additional certificates, diplomas, or professional Master's programs to further expand your qualifications and career prospects. Exclusive to current UCalgary students and alumni who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, this award presents an outstanding opportunity to build on your academic accomplishments and elevate your career in these exciting fields

The first 75 eligible candidates to enrol in the program and pay the deposit will receive the award.

There is no better time than the present to get training in Data Science and Analytics. The job field is still very new, so job opportunities are diverse. The program was an accelerated way to start building those skills. It allowed me to get a bit of a head start.

Tim Cruz

Tim Cruz, BComm’18

2021 graduate - Master of Data Science; 2019 graduate - Data Science & Analytics Diploma

Tim Cruz leveraged the Data Science and Analytics diploma program to make the most of new opportunities in Calgary's tech economy.