Science Collaborative Space (SCS)

Science students now have a space dedicated to them, thanks to the Students’ Union Quality Money Program!

The Science Collaborative Space (SCS) serves as an innovative learning center that helps build a sense of community and foster a sense of connection in the Faculty of Science.

Hours and Bookings

Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 8:00PM
*These hours may vary as the space may be booked for events and meetings  

To book the Science Collaborative Space send a description of your desired time and activity to

Please consult with the Terms and Conditions prior to booking.


The Science Collaborative Space is located in ST 142 on the main floor of Science Theaters, behind the lecture halls 140 and 148 (formerly called the ‘Elbow Room’).

All students are free to use the SCS as a space to study, connect or relax. Full bookings of the space, however, are intended for science-related events.

Students are free to use the space between 8am-8pm on weekdays during the Fall and Winter terms. During the Summer and Spring sessions, the space is open from 8am-5pm. These hours may be affected by faculty events and bookings. See the upcoming events to plan your visits!

The SCS comes stocked with closed meeting rooms, movable and fixed whiteboards, dedicated washrooms, a wide array of movable furniture, a functional podium, and much more!

Room Etiquette

  • Please ensure that all garbage is cleaned up after leaving the Science Collaborative Space and breakout rooms.
  • The Undergraduate Science Centre books the Science Collaborative Space out for faculty meetings and events. If the space is unavailable, it will be clearly posted. Please respect these bookings and do not occupy the space when it is in use.
  • Staying overnight in the Science Collaborative Space is prohibited. Please respect the hours listed.
  • Please return all furniture and markers used to the location you found it.