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Dr. Kristin Baetz, Dean, Faculty of Science

Kristin Baetz, Dean

Dr. Kristin Baetz was the Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology and the Assistant Dean of Research and Special Projects (2019-2021) at the Faculty of Medicine, uOttawa.  Prior to that Dr Baetz was the Director of the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology (2012-2019), a multi-faculty Research Centre with a mandate to develop and apply systems biology to biological studies relevant to human diseases.  Dr. Baetz’s research program exploits the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae and a variety of systems biology approaches to understand the basic cellular mechanisms cancer and neurodegeneration.  Presently her lab is focusing on how lysine acetyltransferases impact chromosome stability, stress response and lipid homeostasis.  She also applies her yeast screening platforms and synthetic biology approaches to improve industrial yeast for bioproduct fermentation.  Dr Baetz’s was a CRC Tier II (2005-2015) and her work is published consistently in high impact journals such as PNAS, PLoS Genetics, Metabolic Engineering, Nature Cell Biology and Developmental Cell.  Her research program has been funded by a variety of sources including CIHR, NSERC, CFI, ORF, CCSRI, PSI, Agriculture Canada and NCE.  Given her broad expertise and scientific reputation, Dr Baetz served as Associate Editor at Biochemistry and Cell Biology and has extensive reviewer experience at CCSRI, CIHR, NSERC and NFRF.

Dr. Baetz is also extensively involved in advocacy efforts to improve research funding eco-system in Canada.  From 2012 – 2019 Dr Baetz has served on the board of the Canadian Society of Molecular Biosciences (CSMB), including serving as President (2015-2017), a professional association of biochemists and genetics scientists that advocates for sustainable science policy and funding for Canadian researchers.  Her work with CSMB has led to her recruitment onto the board of Research Canada (2018 – present) a national, broad-based alliance dedicated to advancing health research through collaborative advocacy and she has served on the Ontario Research Fund Advisory Board (2017/2018).  She is also an advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM and runs/participates in a variety of workshops/events at both the local and national level.

Stephen Hubbard

Stephen Hubbard, Vice-Dean

Dr. Stephen Hubbard has been with the University of Calgary since 2006 and is a Professor in the Department of Geoscience. He has been serving for the past two years as Department Head, Geoscience.

An international researcher, Steve has raised over $8M in funds for research of sediment transfer (from source to sink) at varied spatial-temporal scales. He is recognized internationally as an expert in channelized sediment transfer, in particular, in deep-water and fluvial settings. His research has involved application of models developed for hydrocarbon extraction, and he has worked with numerous energy companies from around the world. His research group has expanded into a breadth of areas in recent years, including investigation of organic-carbon storage in sedimentary basins over geologic timescales.

On top of his research success, Steve has been successful at maintaining high-quality teaching and mentoring. He has been nominated for SU Teaching Excellence Awards on multiple occasions and received a Great Supervisor Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

As Vice-Dean, Steve will be the primary advisor to the Dean, and will actively participate in matters related to research, academic programs, teaching and learning, student experience, staffing, facilities and infrastructure.

Wendy Benoit, Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement for the Faculty of Science

Wendy Benoit, Associate Dean - Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement

Dr. Wendy Benoit is a well-respected educator known for building and using creative strategies for active learning in large enrolment courses.

Having earned a Bachelor of Science with honours from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Wendy completed her PhD with a specialization in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Calgary. As a professor (teaching), she holds a joint appointment between the Natural Sciences Program and the Department of Chemistry. In 2015, she became the director of the Natural Sciences program until 2018 when she was appointed Associate Dean – Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement in the Faculty of Science.

The cornerstones of Wendy’s approach to teaching have been reflection, problem-solving, and collaboration. Her teaching has been recognized with the 2012 Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Teaching and a 2015 Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Award. Wendy is passionate about building robust mentorship networks for both faculty and students.

Her scholarly work includes the co-development and research on improving and extending training and mentorships opportunities in the Department of Chemistry for graduate student teaching assistants. She has also collaborated on research into the effectiveness of using historic case studies to help students understand scientific concepts.

In her current role as Associate Dean – Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement, Wendy forges connections across disciplines in Science as well as with other Faculties. She supports both formal and informal paths for both academic staff and students to reflect on and share their experiences.  

Nancy Chibry, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs for the Faculty of Science.

Nancy Chibry, Associate Dean - Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs

Nancy Chibry has been an educator for over 19 years at the University of Calgary, and has taken on many roles that have allowed her to counsel and support students. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science (Biol-Math) from the University of New Brunswick and a Master of Science (Statistics) from the University of Calgary. Her passion for teaching started when she was a graduate student, and further developed when she became a sessional instructor. Her dedication to enhancing the student experience in and out of the classroom have led to her being nominated for several teaching awards and becoming an associate professor (teaching) in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.  

Her commitment to students was recognized in 2011, when she was appointed Undergraduate Director in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Prior to her current role, she served as the Interim Associate Dean - Undergraduate (2017) and Assistant Dean - Student Affairs (2016).

In her current role as Associate Dean, she provides leadership in the advancement and academic success of undergraduate programs, and is responsible for providing direction and ensuring quality advising under the purview of the Undergraduate Science Centre (USC).  

Kris Innanen

Kris Innanen, Associate Dean - Research

Dr. Kris Innanen is a professor in the Department of Geoscience who maintains an active research program and graduate student group.  Dr. Innanen is a geophysicist by training with a research program that encompasses data science and machine learning.  As the Director of CREWES (Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology - of one of Science's longest standing research consortia), Kris works extensively with external research partners. 

Pierre Kennepohl

Pierre Kennepohl, Interim Associate Dean - Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Pierre Kennepohl is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and his research interests focus on going small to make big discoveries, as he examines how base molecules relate to molecular computing.  In 2021 Pierre received Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funding to better understand which characteristics of molecules will matter when put into a computing system.

Pierre was appointed Interim Associate Dean, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships beginning January 2022, and will be a vital resource as the Faculty of Science strives to contribute to scientific growth through research, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Dr. Justin MacCallum

Justin MacCallum – Associate Dean, Graduate and Post-Doctoral Scholars

Dr. Justin MacCallum is a biophysical chemist and joined the Department of Chemistry in 2014. He has served in a variety of roles, including as Associate Head Grad in Chemistry, and sitting on the CFI SUPPORT committee. He is currently a member of the FGS Policy and FGS Appeals committees and is a Senior Scholar with the Graduate College.

Frank Maurer, Associate Dean of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships for the Faculty of Science

Frank Maurer, Associate Dean - Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

(on leave)

Dr. Frank Maurer is the Associate Dean, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, in the Faculty of Science and the head of the Agile Surface Engineering (ASE) group at the University of Calgary.

His research interests are immersive analytics, multi-surface systems, engineering analytics applications and agile software methodologies.

Frank served as the principal investigator of the NSERC SurfNet strategic network and held a substantial number of NSERC ENGAGE, NSERC CRD and MITACS grants to support his collaborations with industry partners. He also served as Associate Vice-President (Research) and Special Advisor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the University of Calgary.

Frank is co-founder, CTO, and board member at VizworX.