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Tom Oliver Lecture: Photosynthesis – a planetary revolution
4:00pm on November 29, 2018
Woodward Fischer, PhD – Caltech University 

Calgary Mathematics & Philosophy Lecture: Paradoxes of the Infinite: Classic Themes and Recent Results
3:30pm on December 5, 2018
Paolo Mancosu, PhD – University of California, Berkeley 

Gallagher Colloquium Series: Did craton movement cause Cordilleran mountain-building? The case for a “continental bulldozer”  
6:00pm on February 19, 2019
Jim Monger, PhD – Emeritus, Geological Survey of Canada

Gallagher Colloquium Series: Kinematic and erosional histories of the Himalayan thrust belt in central Nepal: Lessons for how thrust belts propagate
6:00pm on March 6, 2019
Peter DeCelles, PhD – University of Arizona

2019 Darcy Lecture: Starting from the problem and working backwards  
6:00pm on March 20, 2019
John Doherty, PhD – Watermark Numerical Computing

Computer Science Alumni Lecture: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality – A Panel Discussion  
6:00pm on April 4, 2019
Panel discussion

Gallagher Colloquium Series: Subseafloor experiments and models reveal complex patterns of coupled fluid-heat-solute transport through the ocean crust  
6:00pm on April 10, 2019
Andrew Fisher, PhD – University of California

14th Annual Richard and Louise Guy Lecture
5:00pm on September 19, 2019
Alice Silverberg, PhD – University of California, Irvine

ICI Distinguished Speaker Series: My Journey to Stockholm
7:00pm on September 25, 2019
Sir J. Fraser Stoddart PhD – Northwestern University
Recipient: 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry  

Gallagher Colloquium Series: Giant volcanism and mass extinctions
7:00pm on October 10, 2019
Paul Wignall, PhD – University of Leeds

Quantum Public Lecture: Quantum algorithms for near-term quantum computers
7:00pm on October 22, 2019
Dr. Alán Aspuru-Guzik, University of Toronto

Tom Oliver Lecture: Carbonate production before the age of skeletons: Did seawater chemistry regulate Neoproterozoic climate?
5:00pm on November 29, 2019 
Dr. Nicholas Tosca, PhD – University of Oxford

Gallagher Colloquium Series: Exploration of Subsurface Habitability and Microbial Life in Deep Fracture Waters of the Precambrian Continents
7:00pm on January 16, 2020
Barbara Sherwood Lollar, PhD, University of Toronto

CPSC Alumni Event: Blockchain Technology: Promise and Practice
6:00pm on March 5, 2020
Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini, University of Calgary