Science Mentorship Program

The Science Mentorship Program matches first- and second-year students with more experienced science students in third year or above. For mentees, it's a way to participate in fun activities and learn the ins and outs of life at school. For mentors, it's a chance to share your experiences and insights. Join today!

We all remember how the first semesters of university made us feel – excited or nervous or lost, it’s a time when emotions run very high. Many of us wish we had someone to reach out to and guide us through those first years. How do you rent a locker? Where are the best study spaces on campus? Will I make any friends?! If you are a science student in your 3rd year or above, you can make all the difference for an incoming student. The Science Mentorship Program (SMP) is looking for students like you to be mentors to our incoming students! 

The Science Mentorship Program is extremely flexible for student availability and our expectations for mentors is to set aside an hour per month to meet with their mentee(s) and take some time to join in on faculty or university events! Please reach out to if you are interested but have specific questions about the time commitment. We continually shape the program around student input to help us meet the ongoing needs of learners and leaders in our science community.

SMP is run by a team of Undergraduate Science Centre staff and Science Student Ambassadors, and we are here to supply all participants with resources and support throughout the program. You don’t need to feel like you have to struggle to figure out how to be a great mentor all by yourself – the Student Experience team will be with you every step of the way keeping you updated about the latest events, helping you find resources, and answering questions for you and your mentee if you don’t have the answers.  


My mentor was understanding, committed and caring, and would do anything to help me. She gave me some ideas on how and where to find opportunities related to my field of study, and how to balance school with obligations.
Ajmer, 1st year mentee


My mentee started off his first semester feeling a little uneasy and overwhelmed with university, but he gradually became more and more comfortable throughout the semester. I could see his confidence grow over time, and I was positively surprised with his swift transition into university. I can see him excelling in his degree, and I am very happy to see him getting involved in the campus community as well. 
Sharon, 3rd year mentor


Are you interested in becoming a Mentorship Leader? You can:

Help a first year student figure out the mysteries of university;

Attend fun social events and activities;

Have an opportunity to meet alumni and learn their stories.

If you are interested in becoming a leader, please contact