An instructor leans over a desk to talk to students. They are smiling.

Teaching and Learning

Always learning

We're committed to offering our students world-class learning experiences. Each day, members of our science community teach, mentor, and inspire students to reach their full potential. We support ongoing professional development for our academic staff and graduate students through educational and leadership initiatives.

Mark Bauer

Meet Mark Bauer, Interim Associate Dean - Teaching, Learning, and Student Engage

Find out how Mark incorporates research, mentorship, and networking into her teaching practice and role as Associate Dean.

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Science Teaching Forum

The Science Teaching Forum has been created to help our Faculty community discuss these types of teaching and learning issues. These forums are open to everyone in the Faculty of Science including faculty members, graduate students and staff.

A group of instructors sit in a learning pod inside the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Skills Workshops

Teaching Skills Workshops are designed to improve teaching skills and general knowledge of teaching. Through these workshops, participants will gain valuable skills in order to pursue excellence in teaching. Workshops are offered on-demand.