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International Champions

A globally engaged scientific community

Globalization is the ongoing and inevitable flow of technology, economy, knowledge, people, values and ideas across borders. Internationalization, on the other hand, is an intentional process of integrating international, intercultural, and global dimensions and perspectives into the purpose, functions, and delivery of education. 

Diverse learning and research experiences build our capacity for cultural awareness and understanding. The Faculty of Science International Engagement Committee provides strategic advice and action to support ongoing internationalization in our research, teaching, and learning.

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Encourage and support the development of cross-cultural competencies. 

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Implement and support programs that enhance diversity in our student body and provide international experiences for undergraduate and graduate students. 

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Increase the breadth of international research and development opportunities for students and staff.

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Increase the breadth of international learning opportunities for students and staff.  

Examples of what we’re doing

Faculty of Science International Week

Annual event featuring daily sessions and workshops; topics may include immigration supports, study abroad opportunities, internationalization in the classroom, and intercultural communication.

Opportunity identification

Regular, targeted reports to faculty members on grants, awards, and other international opportunities of interest. International Engagement Committee members act as liaisons in their departments to share information and bring new initiatives forward.

Workshops and information sessions

Professional development workshops and information sessions are arranged throughout the year. Topics may include immigration policies and procedures, cross-cultural communication for lab safety, student research placement funding programs. Sessions are also available upon request.

Collaborations with other units

We frequently collaborate with others to deliver internationalization events. Past events include USA Day, which featured engagement sessions for early-career faculty and students during the day and an evening keynote lecture given by Dr. Nicola Fox, Director of Heliophysics at NASA in collaboration with UCalgary International and the US Consulate General.