Facts and Figures

The Faculty of Science by the numbers.

Who we are

  • Six departments and four multidisciplinary programs
  • ~4,900 undergraduate and 800 graduate students
  • 230 faculty members
  • 25,306 alumni across 150 countries
  • 34 research chairs
  • $53 million external annual research funding (2016-2017)

What we offer

  • Accredited programs in actuarial science, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, and environmental science
  • 3 co-op programs: actuarial science, applied chemistry, and ecology
  • Three new graduate-level professional programs:
    • Diploma in Data Science and Analytics 
    • Certificate in Data Science and Analytics
    • Certificate in Network Security
  • Internship program in computer science
  • Field courses in geology and geophysics
  • Cross-university field station in Bamfield, BC
  • 18 international university partners for science-specific exchange programs
  • One of Canada's best-equipped astronomical teaching facilities: the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory