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Pursue a master's degree or doctorate with the mathematics and statistics department.


Mathematicians use theoretical and computational methods to solve a wide range of problems. Our mathematics graduate students work in many branches of pure and applied mathematics, such as industrial and operations research, numerical analysis, mathematical finance, data science, combinatorics, discrete mathematics, geometry and logic, algebraic geometry, number theory and cryptography, pure and applied analysis, and mathematical physics.

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Actuarial Science

Our department has a strong research focus in actuarial science, with several faculty members active in this area. These faculty members and their research attract many qualified applicants each year to both the master's and doctorate programs.

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Our programs offer students many opportunities for pursuing their interests and professional goals. Students completing our doctorate program will be well-prepared for jobs in industry, government or academia. Students completing our master's program will be well-prepared for jobs in industry and government. Our students develop important professional skills that include effective communication skills for both technical and non-technical audiences, creativity and originality, and grant writing skills. They also acquire a broad knowledge of modern statistical methods, including computing and data management.

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Biostatistics is the application of statistics to various areas of biology, especially medicine, but also agriculture, fisheries and the ecological sciences. Biostatistics research at the University of Calgary is heavily enmeshed in the field of health data science, requiring the use of not only high-level statistical methodology, but also computational and application area expertise.

The University of Calgary offers an interdisciplinary biostatistics research training program run jointly by the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Department of Community Health Sciences. This training program is offered at both the doctorate and master's levels.

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Mathematical Finance

We currently offer both a master’s degree and a doctorate in mathematical finance. Our program provides a clear pathway for students wishing to pursue graduate-level research and education in the field of mathematical finance.

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Professional Programs

Find out more about the Master of Data Science and Analytics program and the Master in Information Security and Privacy program.

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